Guest Lecture

Distinguished Guests Students and Participants Ladies and Gentlemen Good morning. I am really privileged to have the pleasant task of welcoming the distinguished gathering for today’s guest lecture {on ‘HUMAN RESOURCE APPLICATION IN ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY’}. On behalf of ———– and on my own behalf, I warmly and respectfully welcome the Chief Guest, Hon’ble ——————. We are indeed grateful to him for graciously and readily accepting our invitation.

Nevertheless,we are highly honoured that our Hon’ble DEAN(HRD) ———– Sir is amongst us today. As you all know, our DEAN(HRD) Sir , wants to have a vibrant academicatmosphere in the college by conducting various seminars, paper presentations, group discussions and guest lectures. Guest lectures are part and parcel of having such vibrant academic atmosphere. In today’s environment, hoarding knowledge ultimately erodes your power.

If you know something very important, the way to get power is by actually sharing it. Thus, Guest Lecture is a way of enriching you students with the latest updates of the Industries and Technicalities. The Students are bestowed with knowledge about Industry needs, latest technical updates, Avenues for Higher studies etc. Todays guest lectures would certainly help us to dwell deep into the subject rather than having a superficial understanding of the subject.

I suggest you all to be interactive through out the seminar rather than being passive listeners. The more interest you show the more benefit you gain from this lecture . I don’t want to take much time as I know that you are eagerly waiting to listen to his lecture. Before I conclude, I once again thank the management, DEAN(HRD) sir and the whole team of ——- for setting up a right platform for us to brain storm on this topic. Thank you.

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