Hanoi and Dear Tom

Topic1: write a postcard to your friend, telling him/her about the place where you spend your holiday Dear giap, This is a picture of MyKhe beach. It is beautiful,in the sea sight looks very romanticly. The sun shone when I and my dad were going for a walk on the beach. On the contrary, when it rise (rose) (grammar), the glow of dawn was dazzling bright red but it was not intense heat. When the sun began to appear, at the same time I had (bo 1 had) (tense) breakfast with shrimps which are big and fresh. Food was cheap and delicious. Resorts was(were) comfortable and convenient as my home. I am happy and wish you were here with me.

I hope we would meet each other soon. Topic2: Kumiko ia a Japanese student who visits HCM city on a study tour. She write a postcard to her friend at home telling him/her about the city and how she lives and studies Dear Kazuko, How are you? I hope you and your family are well. I’m doing a VietNamese language course. I meet some advantages and disadvantages when coming to live and study here. The first disadvantage, I got difficulties when communicating with many people because everyone speaks VietNamese. Then, I reach(reached) (tense) impasse about looking for accommodation because HCM city is very crowded.

I still miss the Japanese food although VietNamese foods are delicious and cheap. I still do not adapt to them (??? I don’t understand what you mean). Here, Pho is the most popular food among the population. I recongnize Pho is mostly commonly eaten for breakfast. I also like it, (I like it, too)especially Pho Ga (Pho with chicken). However, there are some advantages. I meet(met) some Janpanese classmates. In addition, professors are very zealous. I can ask them questions at anytime. Beside, VietNamese classmates are friendly and they help me so much. Viet Nam has many special things so I wish you will visit VN on near day.

See you soon Topic3: you are going abroad for study. Write a letter to him/her to say goodbye telling him/her how feel on heading the news. Dear Tom, It is a nice surprise to hear that I am going abroad for study. This is wonderful news (sentence structure) but I not only sad but also qualmish and worry although I’m happy,too (incoherent: lung cung va mau thuan). Do you know the reason why? I am happy because it was(is) the opportunity I had been(was ) waiting for. I’ll be(bo tobe) approached with new education which (to)improve my knowledge. I’ll have a better diploma but I am worry(worrying). How will I live alone in a far country?

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I am sad and qualmish because I don’t want to be away from my small family, my friends and pretty neighbours. I don’t know how I will start new life? I am afraid of crying and missing everything. Hic! I am going to say goodbye to you! Look after yourself! I hope the time will fast elapse . (I will) come back with you and everyone on winter holiday. Try hard!!! See you soon. Topic4: Last Sunday you didn’t go out because it rained all day along. Write a letter to your friend what you did on that day. Dear Tom, You know, last Sunday I intended to visit you but it was raining cats and dogs so I had to stay in all day long.

I had to find something to do. Firstly, I cleaned my room because it was dirty and untidy. Later, I cooked lunch with my Mum. We finished soon, a meal of lunch was delicious with Pho beef. My Dad praised us. I felt very happy and warm. After lunch my younger sister helped me washing dishes. After that I went back to my room and watched TV but there was no interesting chanel. I read continuously the novel which I like best and I felt asleep. In the afternoon , I got up when it was still raining . I played game online with my pretty younger sister.

It was soon dark and after I had dinner(As soon as, my family had dinner after) I did some homeworks (sentence structure). When I had finished it I listened to music. I heard the song” My heart will go on”. The song that you and I like best. I hope, next Sunday it will not rain and I promise I will visit you. Topic5: you are having a birthday party. Write a letter to invite a friend to the party Dear Tom I am having a dinner party on Saturday. It is on November, 7th . I wonder if you are free on that day? Because everyday you are busy for your studying. We have not talked to each other about(in) two weeks.

However that day is a night of weekend so I hope you will give me a little time to participate in my birthday party. You will be the most special guest. We will have many things to talk together. You know, I made a original plan for this important party. I will hold a party in my pretty garden. The menu has five dishes that I bet you’ll like them because I ‘ll cook them by myself. They are shrimp soup, roasted beef, barbecued meat, Indian curry, noodles and snails. After that we will dance and talk together in a(an) interesting room that I will have decorated it. I invite only twenty people. I am looking forward to your presence.

See you then. Topic 6: write a letter to tell your brother/sister/friend what you are going to do next Sunday Dear Tom, Guess what! Next Sunday I am going to visit some places that I had made plan. Because I have not been good recently. It was a week-long trip. First(firstly), I’ll go to Ha Noi capital where visit some best friend. On the same occasion I will eat crisp shrimp pastry. That food I go to Ha Noi. I regularly eat every time( lan nao toi cung an mon banh tom). Although Banh Tom is available almost every where in our country but it is the best to have it at Ho Tay restaurant on the banks of Truc Bach lake.

Besides, I am fond of eating Trang Tien ice. After I will visit uncle Ho museum. The rest of 3 days I will go to Hai Phong city. The city is famous with the season of flamboyant. There are many streets full flamboyant( nhung khu pho o day rop. mauvang cua hoa fuong? ). Come here, I only go to Do Son beach. The sceneries are very romantic and beautiful. They make me feel comfortably. I will take many photographs to make memory. See you soon Topic7: write a letter to invite your friend to a meeting Dear Giap Can we get together for a meeting on Monday at 2p. m, if that’s possible? How are you and your family?

What the matter with everything. I wonder are you free con that day? A long time ago we don’t have chance to know together. I hope you will try to attend the meeting. First we will congregate at my home. We can hold a small party outside if you want. My home has a pretty small garden. I think that is a good idea. Do you agree with us? We’ll talk one by one about everything( chung ta se noi cho nhau biet ve moi thu cua tung nguoi mot). After we will visit some teachers at senior high school. I bet with you that day our classmates are full. So you must arrange the important meeting.

In particular, if monitor absents from the meeting you will be ostracize. I hope meeting you the sooner the better. Topic 8: a boy/girl has just send a present on your birthday. You write a thank you letter Dear Giap, It was very nice of you to give me a present on my birthday. I wonder why do you know my birthday. You made me felt unexpectedly and more surprise it was a thing that I like best. You know, astonishingly! It was very beautiful and more wonderful when I received it on my birthday. I not only happy but also be moved. I don’t know how tell thank you for this a special present?

I only tell thank you so much indeed. I will visit you on near day, when I can. I bet we will have many things to talk together. Particularly, you must tell me the reason why do you know my birthday? See you soon. Topic9: A friend of yours has bought a new house in HCM city and wants to know something about the town he. she is going to live. Write a letter to tell him. her what to expect. Dear Tung, I know you have just bought a small house in my city I think you are new to the surroundings when your family move here. You want to know something about the city you are now going to live. I live here rather long.

So I know some advantages and disadvantages when living in a big city and crowded as HCM. HCM city is one of the most important and modern in Viet Nam. Problem of education for your children is easy. The future is themselves and studying is the most important thing. Here, you can look for everything easily. If you have good qualification you will apply for job easily,too. And your promotion isn’t difficult. However, this city has some disadvantages. Such as population is crowded because the air isn’t clean. Rivers is polluted and smell felid. I said that it is crowded because you are always get caughtin the rush hours traffic.

The price is expensive. The cost of everything is always steadily increase. In my opinion, you can bought insurance for things that you want. Besides you can deposit your savings in bank if you want to ensure for your family. Do you intend to settle in HCM city? How do you feel about HCM city? Maybe your new house is very nice, I think so. I’ll visit you on near day and hope your family and mine have a meeting. I expect the members in your family get used to new life quickly. To wish your family happiness. To meet again the sooner the better. Topic10: you have got a letter from a friend who said she/he would be coming to your city.

Write 80 words. How do you do when your family come. Dear Tom, I’m so glad to hear from you. It is good news that you might be in my city for a few week’s time and visited me. When you go to my city I will pick you up at the Quang Ngai station. You don’t worry about hotel. My house has many rooms and I prepaired a room for you. You only come here travel comfortably. I will lead you go to the My Khe beach and Thien An mountain. We can take some photographs to make memory. Do you want to visit Dung Quat wharf? It’s large and beautiful. I’ll lead you go to visit Vinashin shipyard.

There are many big ships from ten thousand ton to fifteen thousand ton. After we will go off to the native village for two weeks to get some good clean air. We’ll fly a kite in the afternoon. In the evening well catch fish with my uncle and etc…Many things I want to do with you. You haven’t come here but I am happy and looking forward to your visit. I miss you. The sooner the better. How do you feel about Viet Nam? What kind of places did you travel to? And next time will you have intend to traveling? Would you like to visit my hometown? How do you think about my suggestion? [email protected] com

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