Health & Hygiene

Change in health & hygiene There has been towering change in the area of health and hygiene in rural Bangladesh. Almost all the villages have a health complex and a pharmacy nearby. People are coming out of the ignorance and consulting the doctors when necessary unlike earlier times. Health consciousness has modulated the rate of mortality especially in case of women and children. People at village are now more aware of the healthy ways of living their lives. Health campaigns by government and NGOs assisted a lot in framing up the health awareness.

People at village are more concerned about taking care of the pregnant mothers and their health. Most of the families now know about the vaccination of the infants and almost all of them give effort to ensure the good health of the infants. Taking “Polio “vaccine has already been a common trend there in every year. All these resulted in a noticeable decline in mortality rate of infants and pregnant mother. Not only that, importance of having pure drinking water has also been realized by rural people. The campaign against arsenic in last decade has been totally worthwhile. Proper sanitation is also encouraged now.

A massive change has taken place in terms of outlook. Family planning is no longer discouraged in village since villagers are moving away from orthodox religious practices that might harm. In terms of health and hygiene almost all of the changes have been in public interest till now but there are rooms for further development. Villagers do still lack good doctors and nurses. Points for presentation * Establishment of hospitals and pharmacies in rural areas * Public health awareness * More caring attitude towards pregnant mothers & infants * Awareness about family planning * Need for more skilled doctors & nurses

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Health & Hygiene
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