Healthcare Ecosystems

LTT1 – Healthcare Ecosystems The profession of health informatics is a relatively new one, blending the use of technologies with collecting, organizing, storing, using, and evaluating health information. Technology can assist healthcare workers on every clinical and administrative level to use information more effectively in clinical decision-making for patients, and in implementing strategic goals within an organization. Check Your Understanding 2. 1 Instructions: On a separate piece of paper, write down the word or term that correctly completes each of the sentences. . The ancient ___ developed surgical procedures, documented clinical cases, and created medical books. a. Egyptians b. Greeks c. Phoenicians d. Chinese 2. The ___ was established in 1847 to represent the interests of physicians across the United States. a. b. c. d. American Association of Medical Colleges American College of Surgeons Committee on Medical Education American Medical Association 3. Today, medical school students must pass a test before they can obtain a ___ to practice medicine. a. degree b. residency c. specialty d. license 4.

The first general training school for ___ was opened at the New England Hospital for Women and Children in 1872. a. nurses b. physician assistants c. surgical specialists d. surgeons 5. Modern ___ must have either a two-year associate’s degree or a four- year bachelor’s degree from a state-approved nursing school. a. nurse practitioners b. licensed vocational nurses c. registered nurses d. licensed practical nurses 6. In 1910, Dr. Franklin H. Martin suggested that the surgical area of medical practice needed to become more concerned with ___. a. b. c. d. atient care professional standards patient outcomes nonsurgical medical care 7. Adoption of the Minimum Standards marked the beginning of the modern ___ process for healthcare organizations. a. accreditation b. licensing c. reform d. educational 8. According to the AMA’s definition, ___ incorporates the healthcare- related professions that function to assist, facilitate, and complement the work of physicians and other clinical specialists. a. home health b. nursing care c. ambulatory care d. allied health Which ancient civilization developed surgical procedures, documented clinical cases, and created medical books?

Greeks Correct! Which organization was established in the mid 1800s, to represent the interests of physicians in the United States? American Medical Association Correct! What organization is the largest standard setting body in the world? Joint Commission Correct! This legislation required hospitals to conduct continued-stay review for Medicare and Medicaid patients. Utilization Review ACt Correct! This type of hospital specializes in providing inpatient care to individuals with mental and developmental orders. Psychiatric Correct!

For-profit hospitals use their excess funds to improve their services and fund community services. False Correct! At a hospital or large healthcare facility, this group will select qualified administrators to manage the organization. Board of Directors Correct! Which one of the following is considered a part of administrative support services? Human Resources Correct! Low energy laser, electric stimulation, ultrasound, biofeedback and aquatics treatment are used by which of the following allied health professionals? Physical therapy Correct!

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Healthcare Ecosystems
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In which decade was magnetic resonance imaging first introduced in healthcare? 1980’s Correct! This type of statement from an organization expresses intentions, philosophy, and organizational self-image. Vision statement Correct! An empowered staff member has the ability to: Change the work environment when some part of it interferes with the organizational mission Correct! Leader’s in today’s healthcare organizations may reinforce organizational values by doing which one of the following: Listen to the staff Correct! What is a 360° review? A performance evaluation in which peers and colleagues participate Correct!

Of these functions that sustain operational infrastructure, where would health informatics best fit? Knowledge Management Correct! In the healthcare organization, operating units are designed around patient-focused care for related disease groups and medical specialties. This is known as: Service Lines Correct! In 2008, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services changed its payment regulations to eliminate payment for hospital-acquired complications. True Correct! The largest single group of healthcare organizations are: Acute Care Hospitals Correct!

Which of the following is a system that deliberately monitors the long term relationship between stakeholders of a healthcare organization, and responds to changing needs? Strategic Correct! In what decade was the MRI first introduced? 1980’s Correct! Which standard addresses disclosure of health information? Protecting Privacy of Health Information Correct! Which standard addresses the intentional destruction of health information? Security and Integrity of Information Correct! Which standard addresses the monitoring of terminologies used in health information? Collection of health information

Correct! Which standard addresses unplanned interruptions of electronic health record systems? Continuity of information Correct! Which standard asks for evidence that there are back up systems in the event of interruptions to electronic information processes? Continuity of information Correct! Which standard addresses flow of data and information within and out of the hospital? Information management planning Correct! Which standard requires evidence that health information is disseminated in a timely manner? Receival and transmission of health information Correct!

Which standard addresses acronyms, synonyms, and abbreviations for medication dosage? Collection of health information Correct! Which standard requests evidence of policy implementation pertaining to health information privacy? Protecting Privacy of Health Information Correct! Which standard requests evidence of policy implementation pertaining to unauthorized alteration of health information? Security and Integrity of Information Correct! This type of statement is sent to a patient: it shows how much the provider billed, the amount of the Medicare reimbursement to the provider, and what the patient must pay to the provider.

Medicare summary notice Correct! All of these items are ‘packaged’ under the Medicare outpatient prospective payment system, with the exception of one. Medical visits Correct! Which one of these is not a government-sponsored healthcare program? Blue Cross/Blue Shield Correct! Which health insurance plan covers the survivors of military personnel who died in the line of duty? CHAMPVA Correct! This legislation established an employee’s right to continue healthcare coverage beyond their scheduled termination date. COBRA Correct! What is a MS-DRG grouper? A software program that assigns appropriate MS-DRGs

Correct! One of these items is not incorporated in the formula for determining fee schedule. Post medical school degrees held by provider Correct! Which uniform data set is used by skilled nursing facilities to gather standardized data? MDS Correct! Which one of the following is not used when calculating for patient severity level, for prospective reimbursement of home health services? Financial Correct! What form must be provided to a patient if there is a concern that Medicare will deny services because it feels the service may be medically unnecessary? ABN

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