Henrietta Lacks

The characters from the book, “The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks” become attached to objects that are meaningful to them. It is noticed that a certain object had a significant meaning by analyzing the scene and the character. Dr. Geys assistant, Mary described Henrietta Lacks red nail polish on her toes. She described Henrietta being an actual woman, something Mary never thought of. Henrietta’s relatives described Henrietta with her red nail polish. The red nail polish was a meaningful object to Henrietta because it completed her. Dr.

Gey was attached to Hela cells once he made the incredible observation. He didn’t experiment for money, he genuinely did it for science. He sent the Hela cells for other scientists to experience the cells for themselves. He changed science for his genuine passion for it. Perhaps the most interesting character, Deborah Lacks, was attached to a few things. While Deborah was with Rebecca, she showed her the contents in her purse. She carried everything she had about her mother with her. There were videotapes, documentaries, articles, and a few birthday cards that Deborah bought for her mother, Henrietta.

Deborah was attached to these items because that was all she knew about her mother. In a way, that was how she felt connected to Henrietta. A few days later when Rebecca was with Deborah, Rebecca noticed a folder on her pillow. They were Henrietta’s medical folders. Deborah wouldn’t let Rebecca touch her mothers medical folder. Unlike all the other items Deborah let Rebecca see, Henrietta’s medical folder was different. And it clearly had a different, more significant meaning than the other items.

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