Hinduism, Buddism, China Empires MC

percent of the population that is hindu
hindu god “the creator”
hindu god “the preserver”
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Hinduism, Buddism, China Empires MC
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hindu god “the destroyer”
every person has an essential self or…
rebirth of the soul
the religious and moral duties of an individual
hindu principle of non-violence
strict practice of non-violence
Siddhartha Gautama
founder of Buddhism
the enlightened one
another name for Buddha
Four Noble Truths
stressed that life was full of pain and suffering which is caused by suffering and the only way to overcome suffering is to overcome non virtue and the only way to overcome non virtue is to follow the eightfold path
union with the universe
the eightfold path
“the middle way” part of the Four Noble Truths in trying to obtain nirvana
hindu god “god of good fortune”
small pox vaccine, invented the decimal system
one medical and mathematical advance of the Gupta Empire
first emperor of India
percentage of the world’s population that is Buddhist
Golden Rule
do unto others as you would do to yourself, is at the heart of every major religion
universal force linked to darkness, female and the Earth
mandate of heaven
term used by the Zhou to describe the divine right to rule
invasion by Alexander the Great, Maurya Dynasty, Gupta Dynasty, attack by huns
Proper sequence of major events in the history of India
cities were planned and had own plumbing and sewage systems
which of the following distinguished the cities of the Indus Valley
work, marriage, behavior
person’s caste in India set up rules for
Shang Di
The chinese believed in the superior god known as
Middle Kingdom
what the Chinese referred to their country during traditional times
flooding caused death and destruction
why has the Huang He been called Chain’s Sorrow

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