How to Make Shoe Polish From Charcoal




Shoe polish is a wax material used for shining the shoes, boots or any other footwears. It makes the shoe clean and smooth all day long. Shoe polish is applied on cloth, brush, or rag. People can make our shoe shine by gently rubbing the cloth with an amount of the shoe polish. After you apply this, wait for the shoes to be dry. This shoe polish is made from charcoal and candle. By being creative, people can invent or discover a new thing like this.

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How to Make Shoe Polish From Charcoal
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Also, by being creative, people can be frugal. Instead of buying expensive shoe polishes, people can now provide a low cost shoe polish for everyone. Sometimes people have been problematic about how to clean their shoes. Shoe polish is important because it maintains the shoe polished and neat to look at. Shoe polish can be a protective coat to maintain its smoothness. These shoe shiners should be kept away from clothes, carpets and furnitures because it can stain these things. Though this shoe polish is not on high quality, it is useful.

It is useful especially for students and persons who work everyday. People can use this so that the shoe will look clean. Having a shoe polish at home can save money because instead of going to groceries, there are many valuable things inside the house that can be made of other things.


This project aims to provide an alternative shoe polish that is very inexpensive and easy to make. This project also aims to provide shoe shoe shine boys a very low cost shoe polish for livelihood.

Instead of buying a high cost shoe polish for jobs, shoe shine boys can now afford a low cost shoe polish. The researchers will also include the common objective of the shoe polish and that is to provide smoothness for everyone’s shoe. Lastly, this project aims to teach people on how to be frugal. There’s no need to go to groceries to buy, just look for any other materials at home.


This shoe shine keeps our shoe shine and smooth. It protects the shoe to free from scratches. It adds a protective layer upon the surface of the shoe that protects the shoe and adds to its longevity as well. It makes a presentable way that people can be identified neat and clean. This study helps to have a frugal-living. It polishes the shoe instantly without wetting it out and keeping it dry for a long period of time. Instead of buying expensive shoe polish, the researchers provide a low cost shoe polish. This is cheap but useful, easy to make without needing to run to stores and waste money for transportation.

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