How to Write a Tabloid Style Article

How to Write a Tabloid Style Article Tabloids take bits and pieces of stories and focus on the most scandalous, violent or criminal aspects and the burden of truth is much lower than it is in regular journalistic articles. With a few tips, you can write a successful piece that grabs the readers’ attention and holds them captive until the last word. Instructions: Step 1 Look for story ideas in local newspapers on the back pages. Articles that detail a gruesome crime or romantic liaisons make good fodder for tabloid articles and if a well-known personality is involved it’s even better.

Step 2 Find creative “sources” to quote for your article. After interviewing the disgruntled ex-wife of a popular soccer player, your article, entitled “Soccer Star Stalks Underage Girls,” needn’t meet the requirement of subject truth as long as you indicate a “source” made the accusations. Step 3 Prompt your sources with loaded questions. If you’re writing a piece about a peeping tom in the community, ask one witness if she was “frightened beyond belief by his twisted features. If she responds with a “yes,” you can write, “The victim indicated that she was frightened beyond belief by his twisted features. ” Step 4 Contact the publicity agents of celebrities and offer to write only positive stories about their client in exchange for information. Stars regularly “feed” the tabloids information and send photographs as part of a deal that the tabloid not run damaging articles. Step 5 Elaborate on the most sensational aspects of the story. If the subject is something you would overhear in the beauty salon in whispered tones, it’s robably just right for your tabloid article. The higher the gossip factor, the better. Step 6 Keep detailed records of everyone you interview for tabloid articles. While celebrities are slow to sue, private individuals might resent you publishing a scandalous story about them. Make sure you have the documentation to back up what you write. Step 7 Stick to writing tabloid stories about well-known personalities, stars and politicians to protect yourself against libel charges.

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