HSA 3111

U.S. annual health care expenditures far outstrip those of 7 other developed nations. In relationship with expenditures, U.S. health population status ranking on critical indicators in comparison with those other developed nations is:
A. Dismally lower
B. Remarkably higher
C. None of these answers
D. About equal
The service priorities of the U.S. health care system reflect America’s fascination with dramatic high-tech medicine. As a result:
A. all of the above
B. the US system is the most expensive in the world
C. little of the health care dollar is spent on prevention
D. the US has the world’s most advanced medical capability
Potential conflicts of interest occur when physicians own or invest in businesses (e.g. diagnostic, medical supply companies) to which they can refer patients to generate profits. In response to these physician conflict of interest issues:
A. Professional physician societies successfully convinced legislators to allow physician ownership and/or interests in profit-making corporations

B. The ACA includes “Sunshine provisions” require reporting of all financial transactions and transfers of value between pharmaceutical/biologic product manufacturers and physicians, hospitals and other entities reimbursed by the federal government
C. State medical societies outlaw membership by physicians owning profit-making entities
D. The American Medical Association prohibits its members from owning businesses to which they could refer in order to generate profits

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Americans spend $9 billion + each year on alternative and complementary therapies. This trend has caused:
A. many private insurers and Medicare and Medicaid to provide benefit coverage for certain treatments
B. Government restrictions on Internet marketing of alternative and complementary therapies
C. the federal government to strictly regulate alternative and complementary therapy providers
D. insurers refusing to pay for complementary and alternative therapy treatments
In the natural history of a disease, the pre-pathogenesis period refers to:
A. Pre-natal assessment of potential fetal disorders
B. The period after disease diagnosis when a treatment plan is developed
C. Behavioral, genetic, environmental and other factors that may contribute to an individual’s likelihood of contracting a disease
D. The period of post-acute treatment care planning to prevent further complications
The most significant social legislation passed by any Congress in the history of the United States was the:
A. Hill-Burton Act of 1946
B. Social Security Act of 1935
C. Health Maintenance Organization Act of 1973
D. Social Security Act amendments creating Medicaid and Medicare
Blue Cross Hospital Insurance, the predominant form of health insurance for decades, was modeled after:
A. the industrial policies of Metropolitan and Prudential
B. trade union “sickness” insurance
C. the American Hospital Association policies
D. Baylor University Hospital’s school teachers plan
A central provision of the ACA to assure health care coverage for most Americans is:
A. the independent payment advisory board
B. the small employers’ health insurance option
C. the individual mandate
D. national prevention strategy
The explosion of science and technology in the 1970s resulted in which of the following?
A. Medical school efforts to attract more students to primary care
B. All of the above
C. Encouragement for physicians’ specialization
D. Higher costs of health care
In its early origins in colonial America, the patient/physician relationship can be best characterized as:
A. Interactive and supportive of patient involvement in treatment decisions
B. Complicated in terms of the ways that patients paid for treatment
C. Personal, confidential and simple with payments based on patients’ financial capacity
D. Strict “contracted” arrangements between physicians and patients

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