HUM 101 Chapter Four

What are the two main periods of Roman history called?
Republican and Imperial Rome
What people occupied Rome from 616 to 510 B.C.E.?
What event marks the end of the Roman Republic?
The expulsion of the Etruscans from Rome
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HUM 101 Chapter Four
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What Roman class was represented in the Senate?
What was the name of the large open space in the center of Rome used for meetings of the Senate and the assemblies of the people?
Who was the first great Roman lyric poet?
What principal school of philosophy in Rome believed that the proper goal of life was pleasure?
What Greco-Roman philosophy is associated with Seneca, Epictetus, and Marcus Aurelius?
What was the subject of the Jus Civile of Julius Caesar?
Roman law
Who is the Roman equivalent to the Greek god Artemis?
What political events characterized the last century of the Roman Republic (133 B.C.E. to 31 B.C.E.)?
Power struggles between Marcus, Sulla, Pompey, and Caesar.
What was the significance of the Battle of Actium (31 B.C.E.) in the history of the Roman Republic?
Octavian became supreme ruler of Rome
Who was the first emperor of the Roman Empire?
Emperor Augustus
Who is the most famous of all Roman poets?
According to the Ara Pacis, how did Augustus want to be remembered by future generations?
As a great poet
Where is The House of the Tragic Poet?
Which writer and orator defended the Roman Republic by putting down a plot against the government?
Which Roman literary work is a key source of information about Greek and Roman mythology?
What is architecturally significant about the shape of the Pantheon’s roof?
The oculus
What was the function of the Pont du Gard?
It was an aqueduct
Who is the most famous Roman satirist?
What event in C.E. 476 marks the formal end of the Roman Empire in Western Europe?
The deposition of Romulus Augustus
Who followed Diocletian as ruler of the Late Roman Empire in the West from C.E. 306-337?
Which monument portrays Rome’s campaign in the Dacian Wars?
What elements of the Temple of Portunus did the Romans borrow from the Etruscans?
What was significant about the Jus Civile?
According to Epicurus, why should humans be able to live free from superstitious fear of the unknown and not have to fear the threat of divine retribution?
What characteristics of earlier styles did Roman sculptors build upon? What new elements are seen in Roman sculpture?
What reforms did Augustus implement?
In what sense did the Roman Empire survive until C.E. 1453?
Ancient city in northern Africa
Egyptian Queen defeated by Octavian
Mythological Queen of Carthage
Emperor who divided the Roman Empire into two territories
a region in North-Central Italy
Roman lyric poet
Roman epic poem about the founding of Rome
Pliny the Elder
Roman naturalist and writer who die in eruption of Vesuvius
Punic Wars
wars named after the Phonicians
representatives of the Plebians

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