Human Resources

Management is a very sensitive part of any organization. If work is done by proper management therefore the result will be a healthy one otherwise on the other hand the work will be not done in a proper manner and will create a big problem for an organization. In an organization there are many people or in other words we can say that there are a lot of group of people working together with the help of the corporation and help of each other because when you have to do work in an organization where there are many people around you there you should corporate with one another in order to get a better result so that you can make your organization the best one. (Hafeez, 2003)

An organization is a place where you work in a group and where you get a chance to interact with different kind of people. Along with this you also get a chance to share information with each other and in this way your level of information rises and therefore you can work more and more. (Hafeez, 2003)

This is not an easy task. In this way you have to be very much careful and attentive towards your job because when you will not pay any kind of attention towards your job then how come you can expect a good result from your organization? Your organization is just because of you people and it is your responsibility to maintain good relationship with each other in order to have a good result. Maintaining good relationship does not means just hi hello.

No, you should be sincere with your job, with people who are around you and working with you, you should be careful about your work that in what manner your work is going to be done? What are the conditions? Whether they are healthy one for your job or un healthy? These all above mention points have a great importance in an organization and if you want your organization to be a successful one then you should follow these instructions. (Law, 2003)

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It is a natural fact that when you are working in a place where you are in contact with many people, it is not necessary there that those all people who are working with you or around you are of same habits as you are. All are different from one another. Some people are good natured, some are rich, some are selfish, some are caring, some are devoted towards there work etc . Here the main issue is that how you are working there in an organization in order to have a better position and a good result. (Law, 2003)

It is not an easy task. When you are running an organization and there are many employees who are working under you, it is obvious that they all are of different thinking, background etc. so how they can manage to do a great job? How it is possible that they all can work together? The answer is that with corporation everything can be done. If there is corporation you can do whatever you want to.

The organization is responsible to maintain a good corporation among their employees. It can teach them that how they can work with a group of people who all belong to different areas, thinking etc. when ever good and healthy environment is provided to employees they will feel happy about it and therefore they will work with more interest and as a result of this the organization will give a better and better output. (Mintzberg 2001)

Each and every organization consists of HR department which is basically responsible for any kind of misunderstanding  between they employees and it is their duty to teach them that how an organization can be a successful one what is needed and what is not. Employees want good environment so that they can work on it easily and can therefore provide better results. (Mintzberg, 2001)

Managing any organization is actually not an easy task. This needed a lot of hardwork and apart from this a lot of input is required and these all are the responsibility of the HR department to provide such kind of atmosphere to the employees where they can work with full energy and can be involved in work with full zeal and zest. (Mintzberg, 2001)

There are many problems which people usually faces while working in any organization. When a group of people is working together they will face many problems because each and everyone in the group is of different nature. But this is also the responsibility of the organization to make sure that employees are satisfied with their group and apart from this they also feel comfortable because if the atmosphere is not comfortable there will be difficulty in doing any kind of work and on other hand if with the help of HR department people feel relaxed and free to work among different group of people they will in the end for sure provide a good result which will be a treat for an organization. (Wageman, 2001)

The HR department has different kinds of activities to be carried out. To hire people who are best in order to ensure that they will give at their best and make their organization the best one. The HR department has a lot of work to do to see that what their employees want, what are their needs, how they can work so that the organization can produce a good output.

There are different roles of HRM department in any kind of organization.

  • Basic overviews of HRM
  • Getting the best employees
  • Paying employees
  • Training employees
  • Ensuring safe work conditions

Basic overviews of Human Resource Management (HRM) include many kinds of activities. To provide best facilities to their employees, to ensure that their employees are working according to their need and demand. All the organizations are very keen in choosing the best employee in order to get a best result. Best employees are selected after a wide range of selection and tests and those who fulfill the criteria of the organization are selected in order to work for that particular organization to give best input in order to produce the best output. (Wageman, 2001)

It is the matter of fact that if your employees will get a good pay they will work at their best level too. And on the other hand if they will not get that much pay in the result they will also not work at that level. This is one of the type of motivation. It is obvious that the employees are always motivated when they are getting good and fair enough pay. If they are not getting food pay they will not work at that level. (Wageman, 2001)

All the employees should be trained so that they can work at their best level. Training employees is the duty of HRM department to keep an eye on their employees and to check that whether they are working or not and if they are working so at what level they are working. HRM department is responsible for all these type of activities and they should train their employees too that at what level they should work. At what extent they should work. And in the last at what limit they should work to produce best and best result. Producing best result is not an easy task. Employees should be first trained that how to fulfill the organization’s desire and demand or wishes. What actually the organization want so that they can work at their best level. ( Koch, 1996)

Another important part of the HRM department is to ensure the best and safe working environment and conditions. It is the matter of fact that if employees are not feeling secure in an organization then therefore they will not perform their duties at that extent. On another hand if the organization ensures the employees that they will be given with best environment along with best pay and the conditions will be safe and sound then their employees will really work hard in order to give best result to the organization. (Koch, 1996)

Motivation is actually plays an important role here. The key dimension for any successful organization is that how the HRM department is working. Here, it has a major importance that how it is working and how it is working in order to train their employees so that their employees can do at their best. Many people are there who just work for the sake of money. This is the one of the reason that how the organization faces downfalls. (Koch, 1996)

Organization is to work for people but here the main role is played by its employees that how the employees are performing and the rise or downfall of any organization is totally dependent on the performance of any organization. If employees are not working well or they are least interested about their duties so therefore in the result the organization will automatically faces downfall. (Koch, 1996)

In order to overcome these all downfalls, it is the foremost duty of any kind of organization to first of all choose best workers or employees so that they can work well and can provide best input to them. The second way is to provide their employees the best facilities so that they can be attracted towards those facilities and in order to gain them they will  automatically work at their best because in return they are getting a lot. This is one of the basic and main formulas for the success of any kind of organization.

This formula does not include any kind of calcutaion or any kind of worksheet; this is just an easy way to make your organization the best one. If an organization is providing the best facilities to their employees for example high pay, bonus, holidays etc therefore their employees will automatically get attracted towards their work and will put effort at their best. (Martin, 1998)

Apart from this all the foremost duty of the HRM department is to keep an eye on their employees that how much they are involved in their work, how much they can do and how much they are doing. What are their needs and demands? What actually they want and whether they are working at their best or not; whether they are interested in their work or not. (Martin, 1998)

In the end the most important duty of the Employee is be sure of the policies about that organization in which they are working. They should be aware of the rules and regulations of their company or organization in which they are working. And they should strictly follow them in order to be there. (Martin, 1998)

The best part of any organization is to make sure that their employees are well known along with well educated. If their employees are well educated they will not face any kind of difficulty or hardship. Being well educated is the most important part because if your employee is well educated that means he or she can do all kind of work or activities which their organization want from them. And if you hire such personnel who are not well educated therefore in the end the organization will going to suffer a lot because whatever will be the result it will be for an organization as a whole not for the employees. (Martin, 1998)

Last but not the least one of the important task for any kind of organization is to provide the best working place or area. It matters a lot. Because the place where you are working is a form of motivation for you if you like that place then for sure you will also like to work there and in the result you will give the best input which will produce the best output. The best working place or area condition matters a lot for all the employees. It should be safe, hygienic, and along with this it should be the best to for in. (Mitchell, 1982)

All the employees want a luxurious place to work in but they are unaware of the fact that working in a luxurious place will provide a slight difficulty for them because if they are working in a luxurious place they will always want to feel comfortable etc. but this is some how true that the working place should be safe and sound and should be good for work in. (Mitchell 1982)

The HRM department is responsible for all these type of activities because if they will give the best input to the employees, in the result their employees will give the best effort to produce the best output. (Mitchell, 1982)

Working is not an easy task. It needs a lot of attention and hardwork that is the reason why people usually say that the working environment matters a lot because you have to work hard and if the working environment is good you will love to work there and will find not a single type of difficult while working. (Mitchell, 1982)

Here, safety needs matters a lot for any employee. If an employee is being provided with safety measures he or she will automatically find charm in that working and on the other hand if he or she will find unsafe to work in that particular environment therefore in the result he or she will hate to work in that condition. (Martin 1998)


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