Humanity exam three

Farce lacks three-dimensional characters
Considered by Aristotle to be the most tragic of the Greek dramatists
Never found in Elizabethan theater
female performers
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Humanity exam three
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The first recorded comedies were written by Greek tragic playwrights, possibly in order to
send audiences home in a happier state of mind.
Serious criticism aimed at the betterment of society but accomplished through laughter:
Of primary importance in tragedy is the death of the main character
Racine’s Phaedra added to the theater the element of
the inner life
Author of A Raisin in the Sun, a groundbreaking play about an African American family
Lorraine Hansberry
In the Jean Racine play, Phaedra is married to Theseus but lusts after her gardener
The History Boys is a highly acclaimed play that deals with
standards in modern British education
The central theme of The History Boys is whether education has any validity
At the end of Medea, the title character recognizes her error in one of the theater’s famous speeches of repentance
The commedia dell’arte specialized in
In the Elizabethan theater, female roles were played by boys or men
Arthur Miller’s Death of a Salesman makes masterful use of flashbacks
All of the following are themes of Angels in America except
the tragic lives of people with ordinary jobs
In Shakespeare’s plays emotions are discussed but never shown
By the time the curtain falls on a traditional comedy like Moliere’s The Would-Be Gentleman, the fool comes to a realization of his foolishness
In the second part of Shakespeare’s Henry V, the newly crowned king halts the Coronation to embrace his old friend Falstaff
Ragtime rhythm is so rapid that many pianists cannot play it
The students in Spring Awakening are denied all knowledge of
Credited as the first musical to unify plot, characters, songs, and dances
Choreographer Twyla Tharp combines classical and modern dance with pop music and jazz
A contemporary musical deals with the formerly off-limits topic of mental illness
The New York City Ballet was founded by dancer and choreographer Martha Graham
Porgy’s mode of transportation
goat cart
Pal Joey is the first major musical to have an unsympathetic main character.
German composer Richard Wagner believed Italian opera had made a mistake in
making the music more important than the story.
Spring Awakening is a ballet composed by Peter Ilich Tchaikovsky
The 1975 musical about dancers auditioning for a Broadway musical was called One Singular Sensation
Not involved in flamenco dancing
gambler, pimp, and drug dealer named Sportin’ Life is a deceptively charming character in West Side Story
Monteverdi’s most famous opera, Rigoletto, is based on the myth of Hercules
Verdi’s romantic opera La Traviata (1852) was not an instant success.
In Of Thee I Sing, the future First Lady is chosen through a
beauty pageant
Founded by Balanchine:
New York City Ballet
Directors who are trusted to choose their own projects and who often write their own screenplays that reflect their personal philosophies are known as
characterization identified with a certain actor, often to the point where the actor and the character are perceived as the same person
Classic film believed to have been based on a real-life newspaper publisher
Citizen Kane
The Birth of a Nation justified the actions of the Ku Klux Klan
Sophisticated animated film, the theme of which is good taste and how to recognize it
A famous film noir, Casablanca is set in
World War II Morocco
Alfred Hitchcock’s famous shower scene occurs in this film
Citizen Kane did not do well at the box office, although it was praised by critics
Decade of It Happened One Night
In It Happened One Night, Colbert and Gable string a blanket between their motel-room beds for modesty and refer to it as “the great wall of China
All of the following are criteria for critical film viewing except
A nonfiction film that usually has a narrator but not a structured storyline is a
The Akira Kurosawa film in which the audience is introduced to feudal Japan’s warrior class
The Seven Samurai
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs was the first full-length animated feature film
Griffith and Eisenstein are famous auteurs of film noir
An immortal line from Casablanca is “Here’s looking at you
In Do the Right Thing, Spike Lee uses a version of the chorus, a convention that dates back to the theater of ancient Greece
Famous lingering take in The Birth of a Nation
dead soldiers who had fought on opposite sides
The Odessa steps scene in The Battleship Potemkin is an example of an elongated moment.
conventions theater
conditions audience agree to accept
classical or Sophocles conventions
verse, masks, all-male cast, messenger, the chorus, everything happens in one day
Greece violence is
off stage
Rome violence is
on stage
Elizabeth or Shakespeare conventions
All-male cast, verse except for prose given to servant’s, the soliloquy, no scenery, unities discarded, subtext
Revolves around a central protagonist
recognition scene-moment when main character understands what has brought on the disaster
moving forward emotional expression
intense pride
the theme of Sound of Music
courage bravery and activing joy
Regional context of Sound of Music
rained a lot in Austria, cold hard to film
All famous broadways have been written about
Alfred Hitchcock innovations
unique camera placement, gallows humor and suspense over surprise
Conventions of film
are the conditions accepted by the audience cinematography is the way in which the camera tells the story
conventions of film examples
establishing shot, close-up, sound, background music, point of view,
critical viewing of films
single use of unique to cinema, characters with complex inner lives, relevance to the times, integrity, avoidance of stereotypes, gravity of theme

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