ICD-9-CM Coding Section 3

Given these choices, which code has the greatest specificity?
If the pre and postoperative diagnosis are different, the preoperative diagnosis should be coded.
V codes can be assigned as first-listed or secondary diagnosis.
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ICD-9-CM Coding Section 3
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ICD-9-CM Coding Section 3
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Bobby comes in to get his back-to-school vaccines. Code this with a(n):
V Code
According to the ICD-9-CM guidlelines, when coding anemia associated with a malignancy, the following statement is true:
Malignancy followed by anemia.
In the outpatient setting a diagnosis that is documented as “rule out” should be coded as if it exists.
Established patient seen for redness and discharge from the right eye. A diagnosis of bacterial conjunctivitis was made.
Bacterial Conjunctivitis.
If a patient is admitted for observation for a medical condition, a code is assigned for the medical condition as the first-listed diagnosis.
Karen is getting a checkup because her father had bladder cancer.
The same coding guidelines apply to both the inpatient and outpatient setting.
Screening for osteoporosis.
Patient admitted for observation following accident at work. No injuries found.
Trina is admitted for chemotherapy treatment after a mastectomy.
Mastectomy, then encounter for chemotherapy.
Initial office visit for patient with diarrhea. Physician documented gastroenteritis.
The first-listed diagnosis is the diagnosis that the physician lists first.
In the outpatient setting the term first-listed diagnosis is used instead of principal diagnosis.
Family history of breast cancer, female.
An established patient is seen for amenorrhea, to rule out pituitary tumor.
Personal history of peptic ulcer.
Exposure to tuberculosis.
Regina was admitted for treatment of her breast cancer. Immediately after her mastectomy, she was taked to chemotherapy.
Breast cancer, then encounter for chemotherapy.
Which is the first-listed diagnosis? Established patient presents with chest pain. Has a history of previous myocardial infarction.
Chest pain.
Screening for sickle cell.
It is acceptable to use codes that describe signs and symptoms when a definitive diagnosis has not been established by the provider.
Dr. Peterie examines Thomas because he has a family history of colon cancer. You will look this up in the alphabetic index under:
History, family, malignancy, colon.

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