If I Won a Million Dollars and Could’nt Speend It on Myself

If I Won a Million Dollars and Could’nt Speend It on Myself

I would help my family members. Some of the money I would donate to charity. The rest of the money would go to helping children.

First I would give to my mom she raised me as a single mother and had a hard time. I would then get banking accounts for my children so they would have money when they became adults. And hopefully they would make good decisions in life, that would give my kids a better opportunity than I had I would just hope they use it well and that’s the first thing I would do.

Next I would donate to charity give money to the Ronald McDonald house. I would give money to the battered women’s shelter to help then get back there life because as a kid I lived with my mom as she was being battered. It would be nice to help someone in need and there’s a lot of women in need of help to escape from being battered and abused .

Finally I would build an after school facilities for children so they are not on the streets after school it would have sport’s activities, meals, transportation, and support services. It would help to get more kids off the streets , And that’s what I would do, I would help my family, donate money to charity, battered women’s shelter, and build a after school facilities for children.

I may not never win a million dollars but that’s what I would do if I ever won but I’m going to keep playing maybe one day I might win.