Is the Global expansion of architectural practice a result of style?

The research effort will investigate:

– the risk of intellectual property

– the expansion of computer networks, because they are infiltrating daily life

– the development  of CAD (computer aided design) on 27/7 basis and development of virtual design

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Is the Global expansion of architectural practice a result of style?
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– the impact of Internet communications on architectural design

– the expansion of architectural practices in recent years

– the advantages of architectural profession due to computer developments

– the working environment of architects and its differences depending on the either country or region

– the adaptation of architectural practice to the requirements of the new country

– the impact of globalization on architectural firms and changes caused

–  the new ideas, typologies and innovations proposed by the architects in sphere of urban patterns and building types

–  the import of Dutch style and its implementation in the USA

–  the physical, emotional and social growth of cities in terms of responsibility and problem-solving

– the expansion of architectural firms internationally

– the economic and social changes caused by globalization

– the opportunities for non-traditional architectural design

– the role of architectural design in modern society

– the danger of homogenization


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