Journal Entry

Write a compare/contrast essay of the two poems you have read from Whitman and Hughes Josh Stone The poems “I Hear America Singing” by Walt Whitman, And the poem “Let America Be America” by Langston Hughes are both similar because the two poems talk about America. The poems are also similar because they’re about how America is a good place, and you can sense that. These two poems are different though too.

First the poem “I Hear America Singing” By Walt Whitman is all happy, and he is explaining in the poem how the people of America in their daily lives, enjoying America. Also in that poem Walt Whitman is saying how America is such a great, beautiful place. On the other hand, the poem “Let America Be America,” By Langston Hughes, the author does also say that America is a good place and everything, but he is saying that America was never America, and is not America yet.

What the author means by that is, that America is not a great place yet, because of the society, racial issues, and government. The author is not saying that America is a bad place, he is saying that the society, people, and all the stuff, in America. That is my compare/contrast essay for the two poems, “I Hear America Singing” by Walt Whitman, and the poem “Let America Be America. ” Those reasons I stated are why I think The two poems are different, and how the two poems are similar.

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Journal Entry
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