Kennedy’s new frontier

Kennedy’s new frontier

The New Frontier was an idea of John F. Kennedy to deal with the problems of housing, migration, territory, education and employment. Acquisition of territory was one of the post-war problems America did face. He thought of the new frontier as a remedy to compensate the losses of war and other conflicts. The new frontier also focused on the problems of education wherein America back then was full of prejudice with black people. It was also intended to bridge the differences and discrimination between the black and white people.

Also in this New Frontier, late president Kennedy increased the minimum wage for it to act as incentives so that the people would entail to work more. At this point, the rate of employment increased. It seems that the puzzle pieces towards forging a great society is coming into its places. The project had rough times in its advancement since much of the funds where spent on foreign affairs like in the crisis in Berlin and Cuba, wherein nuclear warfare is in play.

The New Frontier in a way also stopped the launching of a nuclear war. This approach was liberal in a sense that it entails change and assumes that all of the citizen will adhere to the idea. The New Frontier spent most of the funding in education and the protection of the elderly. This was greatly opposed by the Republican and also the Democrats. The opposition thought of the New Frontier as a way of Communism, a concept that emphasizes on equality and non-privatization of property hence there will be strong coherence of the citizens of America.

This was not foreseen by the opposition and made actions to refute the New Frontier. The project was cut short because the John F. Kennedy was assassinated for doubtable reasons. Though there were no leads on who killed the late president, one thing is for sure that, the New Frontier did change the history of America for the betterment of the citizens and also the other countries who were involved in the crisis of post-war. The New Frontier was the vision of the John F. Kennedy to the American people, it comprises of the education and employment’s progression and world peace.


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