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KFC SWOT analysis The Kentucky Fried Chicken mission statement The Kentucky Fred Chicken mission statement is “To sell fast food in a fast, friendly environment that appeals to pride conscious, health minded consumers” vision statement : “”To be the leading integrated food services group” so the world ‘s best tasting starts with the fresh ingredients , the chicken farms &how they raised up … let’s start analyzing the portofolioes: **According to the BCG –matrix: Stars | Cash cows|

Xtreme meals,individual meals| Family meals ,sandwiches & coleslaw| Dogs| Question marks| Nuggets, green salads| Desserts , crispy strips, rizo | They should analyze the question marks and the dogs & turn them into stars or cash cows may be investing offers. (N. B:R&D has to work more on their products) Market segmentation & targetting : They classified the market into 3 distinctive markets: a. Individual meals : targetting teenagers , youth & mid-age groups b.

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Kids meals: targetting the children by offering them toys & enhancing the play room in their restaurants c. Family meals : for families ranging from 4-6 persons Swot analysis: Strenghts : Customers needed some snacks so , they were the first to introduce what’s called a “SNACK BOX” which consists of 2 pieces of chicken .. in addition to the cheap price they offer. Weakness: Lack of introducing new items or investing in the old menu ….

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R&D department has to be more focused ….. Opportunities: KFC had the opportunity to be reachable world wide in addition to the americana logo which is percieved as a 100% quality offered . KFC has positioned itself as the “finger lickin good “ brand which is characterized by its special taste formula . Threats : KFC started to fear competitors like Mc donald’s who nowadays offer more healthier food which make customers more focused on more healthier food rather than fried chicken.

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