Lab Report

3. 01 Cell Cycle Lab Report Safety Notes: Always handle microscopes and glass slides carefully. Wash your hands after handling the prepared specimens. Materials: Compound light microscope Glass microscope slide with prepared onion root tip specimen Purpose: understand and identify the stages of the cell cycle and mitosis. apply an analytical technique to estimate the relative length of each stage of the cell cycle. Hypothesis: What do you predict you will find about the number of cells in each of the phases of the cell cycle? Provide an explanation for your prediction.

Procedure: Data and Observations:

Create a data table containing a tally of the number of cells observed in each of the following stages: StageNumber of Cells in Part 1Number of Cells in Part 2 Interphase Prophase Metaphase Anaphase Telophase Cytokinesis Record any observations about the cells you observed (what does the cell look like for each stage): Data Analysis: Calculate the percentage of the cell cycle spent in each stage. Number of cells in given stage ? total number of cells counted ? 100 = % of the cell cycle spent in this stage Create a graph that represents the time spent in each stage of the cell cycle.


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Be sure to answer the following reflection questions in the conclusion of your lab report: Based on your data, what can you infer about the length of time spent in each stage of the cell cycle? What stages were the longest and shortest? Give a brief explanation of why these stages may have that time period. What is a distinguishing visible feature of each stage of the cell cycle? What differences can you see when you compare the nucleus of a dividing cell with that of a nondividing cell? If your observation had not been restricted to the tip of the onion root, how would the results be different?

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