Three Main Learning Styles

There are around three main learning styles. These are visual, which include those who learn by watching and seeing; auditory and interpersonal, including those who learn by listening and discussing; and kinaesthetic or tactile, which comprises of those who learn through activity. For the purpose of this essay I choose to compare my learning style with my classmate, Melissa Horner’s.

Melissa Horner’s style is definitely auditory and interpersonal. She learns best within an environment where the teaching is verbal in nature. Even when studying, although Melissa likes a quiet time for study, she will still read aloud to enable her to absorb the information better.

My style is different. I would say my learning style falls into the kinaesthetic category, because I find it difficult to be still for long periods of time and learn best when there is a lot of activity around me. I also find that I am very active when I am studying. I need to express myself physically, for example I will use objects such as a pencil to help me whilst I am thinking.

The most effective ways in which Melissa can produce the best quality work is by working within a group or class and listening to others explaining the situation. It is also helpful to Melissa to make notes in her own words and them reading those notes aloud so that a full grasp of the subject is achieved. For me to produce the best paper, it is necessary to be active. I do best when I am able to physically explore the subject being discussed.

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Three Main Learning Styles
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My opinion is that by combining the learning styles of Melissa and myself, we can produce a really effective paper. This can be achieved by utilizing Melissa’s note taking and need for vocalization of a project or study together with my need for activity in study. As these aspects of learning complement each other, the quality of the paper produced would be better than one that is produced using only one of the styles in isolation.

Work cited

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