Explain Legal Issues, Policies and Procedures Relevant to Assessment

Q: Explain legal issues, policies and procedures relevant to assessment, including those for confidentiality, health, safety and welfare.

Ans: For the smooth running of organization or/and to meet the internal and external requirements of awarding bodies, it is must to have some legal policies and procedures ready at hand in assessment. If, at one hand, it helps us go through the whole process of assessment smoothly, at the other, it builds a confidence among the learners who feel secure in the process. Training organizations are also subject to inspection by OFSTED so have to keep records for performance, safety and financial reasons.

Registers-attendance at lessons. Visit Report Forms-proof you are visiting candidates. Individual Learning Plans-Targets and timescales. Equality and Diversity Forms-Ensuring no discrimination. Health and Safety Check Forms-Ensuring safe working environment. Course feedback forms-feedback from candidates. Course assessment sheets-record of tests and progress There are some basic policies and procedures that ought to be an integral part of whole organizational set up.

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Explain Legal Issues, Policies and Procedures Relevant to Assessment
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Data Protection Act: The main thrust of Data Protection is protecting against abuse of data held on individuals. Data collection has to be fair. This now means that the individual must know who is doing the collecting, and the purposes for which the data are intended to be used. Data shouldn’t be kept for longer than necessary, must be kept secure, and should be adequate, relevant and accurate. Thus the learners, in assessment, will feel secure as it ensures confidentiality.

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