Letter and memo

Dr. Leopold Bilgewaters, Vice-President

Frivolous Affairs

Highline Community College

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I am writing to you with a suggestion and is hoping for a nice feedback.

I am currently enrolled in a class, Writ 143, the course name of which is Introduction to Technical Writing. Indeed, the lessons that we are taught here are essential to my profession and are a must in the career path I want to take. In fact, it is of regular use and the principles we receive from the classes are very much in overlap with application of the same. The need to apply such writing principles is direct that a lack of information on such would be of great effect to a professional.

I see the said course as a very important course that should be taken by every student who graduates and passes on the hands of Highline Community College. The subject matter of technical writing is a tool that enhances the skills that one acquires in the said institutions. It is a tool that can be used from the very moment of job application to everyday tasks that would be done in the workplace. It is used in communication in the workplace where very professional should be understood in a clear manner so as to avoid misunderstandings.

In our college, the opportunity of being trained under the great minds and hands of those who are experts in the field of technical writing is blocked by a prerequisite it has, which is Writing 101 or Principles of Writing. When one steps in a college such as ours, it is understood that one has the necessary skills in writing, which is covered in Principles of Writing.

This course is intended as a refresher course and should not be made mandatory to everyone before taking the subject of Technical Writing. Unlike Writing 101, which has been given attention in lower levels of academic inquiry, Writing 143 is not included in the curriculums of previous school levels and would be a must in our college without any barriers to such. It would be best to simply administer a test that would determine who would have to go through Writing 101 before Writing 143 and those who would not have to take such.


[Complete Name here]

To: [Name of manager here], Manager

From: [Full name here], Lead Insurance Specialist

Subject: Request for Reimbursement

Date: [Please indicate name here]

This has reference to the course which I am taking now at Highline Community College, which is Writing 143. The complete course name of which is Introduction to Technical Writing. I would like to earnestly request for a reimbursement for the money well spent for the enrollment of this course.

The Course

The said course is completed online that provides me the chance to gain knowledge and relevant skills while being able to perform the necessary tasks in our company. It has given me the chance to shoot two birds with one stone and has even served as a tool that I can use for everyday communication inside the workplace.

The course instills in the students the necessary communication skills that should be used for conveying messages that contain technical information inside the workplace in both vertical and horizontal lines. Likewise, the students are taught how to become aware of the special needs of the different audience groups. This would help in properly identifying the requirements of writing correspondence that can be easily understood by the audience to who it is intended for. The layout of such correspondence would also have to be considered by the students and the stringent requirements for such are taken into account.

A holistic approach is placed on instructing the students to gain proficiency in technical writing.

Importance to Everyday Work

In my current position as a Lead Insurance Specialist, the task involving technical writing could not be avoided. I have to deal with writing letters, electronic mails, and memorandums that has placed me in a position that requires much knowledge in technical writing. The subject matter could not be acquired in previous academic levels. Fortunately, the chance was given to me to take the necessary classes and be given the chance to acquire the skills to create proper written communication.

The knowledge of creating a good communication with the aide of the said course, Writing 143 or Intro to Technical Writing is indispensible to this kind of work as we all know that communication between the employees and with the clients is essential. More likely than not, unclear lines of communication leads to negative effects on the businesses and does not create a good picture for those who are concerned. On the other hand, when communication is clearly written, it would create an atmosphere of professionalism and would give both the audience and the writer the chance to clearly understand and be understood.

Earnest Request

It is with much hope that I would like to request for a reimbursement of the amount spent amounting to [please place amount here]. This is the cost of enrolling in the said class [please add some more particulars for the cost as necessary]. Please be assured that the knowledge I gain in this class will be used for the betterment of our organization.

If, in any case, the total amount can not be shouldered by the organization, I will accept any amount that would keep both of us in an advantageous position. I would be very thankful of any amount that will be forwarded to me for this course that I am taking.

Please advise me on the next steps that will be taken and I would appreciate any information and feedback that you will provide me regar

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