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“Look at a nation’s school and you will see what society it represents.”-Jose Rizal

The introduction of liberalism may seem to have vastly modified what social structures were implemented before. As we go about our daily lives, we are already separated from what the “supposed” to be agenda of existence is all about. Such a case has driven more and more people to take directions which are no longer of significant use. Everything that has come up to the minds of the younger generations is a bland philosophy. And even though it may seem that people have the taste to achieve living without borders, there is not really a single aspect of intuition where we they are really going. According to All About Philosophy, worthless perception of everything is coined to be nihilism. And it is very possible societies are going this path.

It is very true that universities nowadays do not really care more about their social responsibilities. They somehow care less than the previous generation of education institutions. And this is not evident among just any schools out there but actually very obvious even with the supposedly top performing institutions or at least those respectable ones.

Apparently, the generations following after the mid 20th century social structure do not need anymore that of what schools can really contribute. But even though this problem is very evident, universities do not count itself as the role model in maintaining the sole purpose of its existence. It has abandoned its children and has neglected the society to structure itself without any care.

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Universities nowadays are becoming more and more just a “setting” where the youth can increase their respective social lives. The schools are no longer upholding its power to engage with students as to how education should be treated. The institutions themselves are to blame since they did not really become strong enough to face the changes in the society.

They go with the way of the social structure even though they know that they are losing power each day a neglected student enters its corridors. As a clear example, the main objective of today’s universities is to sustain its existence. Of course, no man made institution can survive this capitalist driven world without concerning itself to raising funds. So in effect, schools have become more and more commercialized and providing fewer opportunities for it to interact with the students.

Even though the schools have their own shortcomings, it cannot be denied that the society itself is the proponent of such absence of direction. It is very rare that you will find a person talking about the good stuff about nature, very sentiment, and holds his ideal dream of becoming a part of this vast universe. It is very tricky to find such people since each of us interacting with one another are “supposedly” engaged on our own ideals. So how can we ever distinguish an individual with a direction in life?

Philosophically speaking, it is very true that schools reflect only that of society’s character. However, because of such notion, they have tied themselves up to the backdoor of philosophical stability by not meddling with what the external society wishes to track. Universities just accepted the fact that they as mere instruments rather than thinkers which can actually inflict change. They remain silent and just become mirrors which only serve to bounce back what they have been given.

Each one of us has his own opinion, own direction in life. But just because we are blessed with such power it does not necessarily mean that everything we are dealing with is in accordance to our principles. One should think first if actions and mindsets represent that of a true thinking human. Otherwise, we will tend to just blame our teaching institutions again and again whereas they only give back what they receive.

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