Literature Review

Student Number: S2880936 Name: Wan-Pin Wang Title: Assignment 1-Literature review- why people not participate in physical activity? People are less willing to participate in physical activities after they get married. The most common three reasons that why married men not participate in physical activities are: time, motivation, and age. “Married people are often older and have more responsibility for children and other factors; it could be these responsibilities which are curtailing their activity patterns.

Weekends are a golden opportunity to take the family out – especially for married families – to get out and enjoy a natural environment – which has also been shown to have additional benefits. ” said Dr. Len Almond. (Martin Beckford, The Telegraph News: Married couples exercise less than single people, 23 Sep. 2011) Family and work are occupying most time of married people, they might need to work for long time or take care of children when they have day off.

If a married man wants to do exercise with his kids, he needs to think twice if the activity he wants to do is suitable for his kids, which may lower his interest to get involved. Day by day, they are getting older and the function of body is not as functional as young people; age becomes one of major factor that married men not get involved in exercises. Not only married men not participate but the single men do so. Different with married men, the most common factors of single men are: lack of support, friends and do not know how to get involved. BC Recreation and Parks Association and the Heart and Stoke Foundation of BC & Yukon, Why don’t people participate? ) (Facts and Stats: Motivators and barriers in physical activity) Single men like to spend time with friends. They prefer to sit on sofa and watch TV all day than going outside and do exercises. They like to be with friends and not willing to go to gym alone. As can be seen in the survey, if friend invite them to do exercise together, single men would have higher interest to participate.

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