LSU Geology 1001

Which of the following cannot be caused by overpumping of ground water?
all of these are possible consequences of overpumping
What ideas brought a renewed interest to the idea of continental drift?
data that a submarine mountain occurred beneath the middle of the Atlantic Ocean
As two oceanic plates diverge at mid-ocean ridges, melting of the rising mantle occurs due to:
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What type of plate boundary is depicted by the smaller arrows in the center of this figure?
transform boundary
Use your knowledge of plate boundaries to answer whether a volcano is likely or unlikely to form at the location of the red triangle.
Counter currents near the equator flow mostly:
east-west, parallel to the equator
Sediments in and below a dewatered area of an aquifer become compacted because:
water pressure drops and the pore spaces are closed
Pushing down on the sealed glass container causes
decreased volume, pressure increases.
Which of the following is NOT a way that plate motions can cause changes in climate?
rapid seafloor spreading lowers sea level, exposing the continental shelves
Use your knowledge of plate boundaries to answer whether an earthquake is likely or unlikely to occur at the location of the red circle.
Which of these four lakes could only exist if they if they received water from precipitation or runoff from the land?
1 and 4
Which of the following is a common setting for a spring?
all of these
Which area(s) on this world map is likely to have earthquakes?
A, B, and C only
The area marked by number 2 on this figure is a desert primarily because:
it experiences dry, descending air in the subtropics
For the sand dunes shown here, which was does the prevailing wind blow?
from left to right.
How does this desert feature form?
wind coats the surface with material that becomes iron and manganese oxides
When melting forms magma:
partial melting produces a magma that is more felsic than the source
This figure shows how sunlight strikes the earth during certain times of the year. It is summer:
in the Northern Hemisphere
The east Australian current is shown by the sweeping arrow flowing south along the continents eastern shoreline. Winds blowing across this current onto land are shown as a series of westward arrows. These winds:
pick up moisture and then cause precipitation, allowing rain forests along the coast
Which of the following statements correctly states how early crystallization affects the composition of a magma? Use the graph.
Early crystallization causes the MgO (mafic) content to decline in the magma.
What does the texture of this rock indicate about its cooling history? The magma cooled:
slowly under relatively deep conditions
The site on the accompanying figure that would most likely form a rock with large crystals is:
Which of the following sites will be most susceptible to damage from hurricanes?
E, F, and H
What types of plate boundaries are shown in this figure?
divergent and transform
Tropical rain forests are clustered near the Intertropical Convergence Zone, which is:
a curved boundary where winds converge near the equator
What does this texture indicate about the formation of this rock?
The magma had abundant dissolved gas.
On this map, a cold front is located between letters:
B and C
What would fossil ages from the geologic timescale and an isotopic age on the granite tell us about the age of the unconformity?
The unconformity is older than the age assigned to the fossils.
To create a sea breeze
the warm air over the land rises, creating low pressure. Cool air over water sinks, creating high pressure. This creates an onshore breeze.
Sea Surface Temperatures (SSTs) are typically warmest:
on the western sides of oceans.
The vertical igneous feature shown in this photograph is a:
Pictured here is a model of how the atmosphere is heated. Which arrow represents heating of the earth’s atmosphere by long wave radiation?
infrared energy emitted by land
Which principle of relative dating can be used at Siccar Point in Scotland to determine that the rocks below the unconformity were tilted to vertical before erosion occurred?
Original horizontality
Which of the following settings is most likely to have high precipitation?
a site where two large-scale circulation patterns converge, causing air to rise and cool
Atmospheric pressure decreases with increasing altitude due to:
a decrease in the thickness and density of air on top
Use this graph that relates temperature and pressure to answer this question. What is required if a rock in position B moves to position A on the graph?
Temperature would have to decrease.
The stages associated with continental rifting are, in order from earliest to latest:
uplift, continental rift, narrow ocean basin, wide ocean basin

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