Macbeth Monologue

Monologue The witches were telling the truth. I was shocked when they said I was the thane of Cawdor I thought it was just lies. But now Angus and Ross told me officially that I am the thane of Cawdor. Wow this is a huge honor, a new title the thane of Glamis and Cowder. But what did he do? That’s right he is a traitor. But why have I taken his position? What have I done to disserve this title? Indeed I fought in the battle but so did countless others.

What sets me apart from those courageous souls fighting alongside me? Witches actually exist? Magic is around us? If they are truly all powerful, perhaps they deserve this title more than I do. But they are ugly I have to say honestly. Is it weird that they knew who I am? That’s right they are witches after all. One of them did say something which I think I heard wrong, she said al “all hail Macbeth-that shalt be king hereafter” but what will the king do wrong, he is the king after all, a noble king.

I’m sure they are mistaken; he is a wonderful ruler and a great role model. Aha! They must not be witches, I am not of royal descent, so I am not able to claim the Kings thrown. Here’s my guess, they were lucky, or perhaps they are not supernatural but supernaturally smart. So foul and fair a day I have not seen. I refuse to believe what they say because they are just imperfect speakers. By sinels death I know I am thane of Glamous and know thane of Cowdor

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