Management Process

Management process is very essential to the execution of any activities. From the different analysis of different problems and other vital factors regarding any upcoming activity came up different process and ways to solve such problems. Management process is one way to solve such problems in an easier way. Management process is known to be a method of planning and controlling the performance and execution of any activity of different kinds.

Several points are to be considered if we want to look upon management process in different angles. Some views says that management process is in a way to be considered as an art while others say that management process is to be considered as a science or at the same time management process can also be considered to be both an art and a science.

In a way, regarding healthcare management, that management process should be considered as an art is because any healthcare management should possess its own unique attribute. Possessing your own unique attribute is essential to any healthcare management because from these unique attributes you will be able to establish your own identity as a service giving body. As a service giving body, your output is intangible and in a form of different experiences and not in a form of any products and goods (Brown).

These intangible experiences may vary from different ways of the performance of the healthcare organization. Thus, a healthcare management should have different approach on giving their service to the people. To be able to do such criteria, you must look at healthcare management as an art and have your own way of stylistic performance which should demonstrate value to its customers (Kaluzny).

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On the other hand, a healthcare management can be considered as a science in nature. Healthcare management is viewed as a science due to the changing phase and needs of its beneficiaries. If the healthcare management won’t adjust to the lifestyle and cost of living of the customers then success rate regarding healthcare management will soon decrease. To be able for any healthcare management to be successful in such aspects them they should be able to comply with their customers’ needs.

Having the capability to adjust for a certain change of the situation is a must have for healthcare management organizations. Different innovations and technologies were being used by these healthcare managements in order to comply with the needed adjustment regarding the needs of their customers. On the other hand, they foresee these possible situations and came up with an urgent yet effective solution and alternative for such unexpected measures.

Healthcare management is considered both as an art and a science for a better performance. Being able to adjust to the changing needs and unstable conditions of their customer using their own unique style of delivering their service to their customers is a better way of dealing with people and customers rather than just being able to meet the needs of their customers without bringing them to mind what healthcare did they belong.

As a healthcare management, the greatest benefit you will be able to get is the satisfaction and contentment of your customers regarding the service you have given them. This will soon make the customers realize that your healthcare management is a great service giving body and will not make them to think twice to return under your care once they need it again. A science of healthcare management delivered with the art of concern is a great cure to any sickness anyone could have (Lofton). Being able to know what they really need and being able to give it to them in a kindly manner is what most people need and with the combined view of healthcare management as an art and as a science it could be hard yet not impossible (Lofton).




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