Marketings Of Green Energy In Mauritius Environmental Sciences Essay

Marketings Of Green Energy In Mauritius Environmental Sciences Essay

In this paper I am explicating the range, the demand and the usage of green energy in Mauritius, its selling and how it affects the planetary market. Now a twenty-four hours non merely in Mauritius all the states biggest job is the energy and its ingestion ; largely the electricity, the basic needful signifier of all the energy that mankind used widely. Not merely in Mauritius but the whole universe is running for an easy, economic and an eco-free system to bring forth electricity. In this paper I am giving a brief account on the production of green energy, selling of green energy in Mauritius and how its influence the authorities side, the stairss taken from the authorities to advance green energy in Mauritius, their schemes and they work out at that place schemes.

1.0 Introduction:

In this paper I am explicating the range, the demand and the usage of green energy in Mauritius, its selling and how it affects the planetary market. Now a twenty-four hours non merely in Mauritius all the states biggest job is the energy and its ingestion ; largely the electricity, the basic needful signifier of all the energy that mankind used widely. Mankind made so many engineerings for change overing most sort of energy to electrical energy and he used electricity to run most of his equipments. Just conceive of the universe without electricity, at least a twenty-four hours without electricity or an hr ; we are that much depends to the electricity. Not merely in Mauritius but the whole universe is running for an easy, economic and an eco free system to bring forth electricity.

As I worked for the company SUSTAINABLE ENERGY ENGINEERING.Co.Ltd for 7 months, I worked in many Fieldss as an Electrical Engineer, the work for the photovoltaic is one of the head touching undertakings I of all time had. I was in the scheming subdivision of the undertaking, as I used package called SMA-SUNNY DESIGN to plan the works and I noticed how much of energy is made in that works in a twenty-four hours with an initial one clip investing. From that twenty-four hours onwards I was be aftering to do my thesis paper on this. How Mauritius made green electricity, how the authorities helps on doing their dreams come true and how they market this energy. I make this paper with all the relevant information ‘s I got from my foreman and the manager of the company Mr. Rishi Soodaye who helped in all the ways for the readying of this paper.

In Mauritius Central Electricity Board ( CEB ) is the in charge organic structure for the production and allocation of energy on the island under the Ministry of Natural resources Renewable Energy and Public Utilities. While the CEB with the caput office in Curepipe produces approximately 40 % of the entire energy beginning in Mauritius, the remainder is obtained from self-determining Power Producers chiefly via sugar estates. The general electricity per capita per twelvemonth in Mauritius is about 750 kW/h. Energy is produced by thermic agencies ( 80 % ) , H2O, and bagasse ( both accounting for the staying 20 % ) from little sugar estates.A ( Gices, 2011 )

There are 8 hydro electric power workss located scattered largely in the southern portion the island with a subtotal capacity of 59 MW. They are the Champagne Plant ( with a capacity of 30 MW ) , the Ferney Plant ( 10 MW ) , the Tamarind Falls Plant ( 11.1 MW ) , Le Val Plant ( 4MW ) , La Ferme Plant ( 1.2 MW ) , the Reduit Plant ( 1.2 MW ) , the Cascade Cecile Plant ( 1MW ) and the Magenta Plant ( 0.94 MW ) . Because of natural seasonal fluctuations in H2O supply and demand throughout the twelvemonth, the power workss can non run at full capacity or in full efficiency and are therefore non every bit dependable as thermic workss though they are inexpensive to keep but cause serious environmental pollution and cause serious natural environment pollution. ( Gices, 2011 ) Thermal energy is produced in thermic workss that works on heat all located in Port Louis, while Fort Victoria, Fort George and St Louis usage Diesel, the Nicolay Plant uses gas and coal to do electricity. The sum of energy produced by the thermic workss is about 324 MW. The hydro electric power workss at Champagne and Tamarind Falls ( based on climatic conditions ) besides use gas to bring forth energy and with the Nicolay works, the three sum to 85 MW. The sugar industry power workss produce around 254 MW of electricity from the FUEL Steam and Power Generation Co Ltd ( 36.7 MW ) , Consolidated Energy Ltd ( 28.4 MW ) , Compagnie Thermique de Belle Vue Ltee ( 71.2 MW ) , Compagnie Thermique du Sud Ltee ( 34.5 MW ) and Compagnie Thermique de Savannah Ltee ( 83 MW ) . Gices ( 2011 ) .

Residential gross revenues:

Residential gross revenues are estimate to turn from the estimated value figure of 521 GWh in 2002 to 630 GWh in 2011 to 798 GWh in 2012. These figures characterize mean one-year growing or annual rates of approximately 4.9 % over the following 5 old ages and 3.5 % over the undermentioned five old ages. Today the standard Mauritian household unit uses about 1990 kWh of energy each twelvemonth or in yearly. But usage varies widely among suburban clients. From that about 17 % of families consume less than 700 kWh of energy each twelvemonth and about 14.7 % consume more than 2,600 kWh of energy each twelvemonth or in yearly.

Appliances or the devices such as air conditioners, dish washers, Television, and place office equipment are acquiring clasp of in popularity in in-between income families. The other common family contraptions such as telecastings and iceboxs are being replaced by larger units of electricity. Many intermediate and high net incomes families are buying or purchasing reproduction contraptions or low quality contraptions or of duplicate things.

Commercial Gross saless:

Gross saless to commercial clients are calculated to turn from the figure of 450 GWh recorded in 2002 to 600 GWh in 2007 and to 820 GWh in 2012. These figures signify typical one-year growing rates of 7.5 % over the following 5 old ages and 6.9 % over the following 5 old ages. Commercial gross revenues are ordinary to account for the chief growing in CEB ‘s taken as a whole gross revenues in the coming old ages, as they have done in the past decennary. The typical big office edifice ( 18 floors or above ) in Port Louis consumes about 4.7 GWh of electricity per twelvemonth or yearly, in the order of equal to the ingestion of 3,500 families.

Industrial gross revenues:

Industrial gross revenues are estimate to turn from the figure of 620 GWh in 2002 to 790 GWh in 2012, stand foring an normal one-year or annual growing rate of 4.5 %

2.0 Advantages and Disadvantages of Green Energy:

2.1 Advantages of Green Energy:

One of the major advantages with the usage of renewable energy is that as it is renewable and there for it is therefore sustainable and so will ne’er run out or complete. Renewable energy comfortss by and large require low care cost than conventional generators ( Whatever generators we use, depends on the system ) . Their fuel that is the natural stuff being derived from nature and available resources reduces the costs of operation. Even more significantly, renewable energy produces small or no waste merchandises such as C dioxide or other chemical pollutants, so has minimum impact on the environment. It ‘s free of pollution and made no injury to any of the life things. Renewable energy undertakings can besides convey economic benefits to many regional countries, as most undertakings are located off from big urban Centres and suburbs of the capital metropoliss. These economic benefits may be from the increased usage of local services every bit good as touristry. Most of the undertaking are one clip investing, and will acquire net income throughout the life clip.

2.2 Disadvantage of Green Energy:

One disadvantage with renewable energy is that it is hard to bring forth the measures of electricity that are every bit immense as those produced by conventional dodo fuel generators ( Comparing to other states fossil fuels are the primary beginning of bring forthing electricity ) . This may intend that we need to decrease the sum of energy we use or simply construct more energy services. The other thing it shows is that it besides indicates that the best solution to our energy jobs may be to hold a balance of many dissimilar power beginnings. Another disadvantage of renewable energy beginnings is the dependability of supply. Renewable energy frequently relies on the conditions for its beginning of power. Hydro power works generators need rain to make full dikes to provide streamlined H2O. Wind turbines need wind to turn the blades so that it can turn the turbines, and solar aggregators besides need clear skies and sunlight to roll up heat and build electricity. When these resources are unavailable so is the ability to do energy from them. This can be mutable and conflicting. The present cost of renewable energy engineering is besides far in surplus of conventional dodo fuel coevals. This is because it is a advanced engineering and as such has enormously big chief cost or capital cost. Energy is simply a transitional good. Consuming energy is a agency to an appendage now a twenty-four hours, the terminal being the status of energy-related demands such as production or fabrication of goods, keeping equal lighting, cookery, every bit long as mobility. The important challenge for sustainable energy use and production is, hence, is to fulfill the suited degree of energy-related demands of every adult male sort or to all citizens is being by utilizing a assortment of engineering and fuels tailored to local state of affairs instead than simply increasing energy supplies, while maintaining the general cost and environmental or the natual harm every bit low as possible.

3.0 Methods for Producing Green Energy:

Solar Energy

Wind Energy

Tidal Energy

Wave Energy

Geothermal Energy

Hydrological or Hydro Electric Power

3.1 Solar Energy:

Solar Energy is one of the widely used methods to bring forth green energy in the whole universe. It ‘s besides known as Photovoltaic cells. In Solar the sunshine is captured and converted to electrical energy and its stored depends on the demand. For capturing the Sun visible radiation they use a panel called Solar panels, which capture the sunshine and change over this sunshine to electrical energy and stored in a battery, which is taken as we needed. In this paper I mention on solar panels or solar energy or PV ( Photovoltaic ) systems, as widely used method in Mauritius.

3.2 Wind Energy:

Wind Energy is the 2nd method to bring forth green energy, in Mauritius. In 1995 Mauritius had a undertaking on air current turbines, it was an American based undertaking and subsequently bead because of some proficient jobs. Comparing the air current energy and the solar energy air current turbine undertakings are of high initial cost comparison to the solar energy. Mauritius is touched with a batch of air currents ; its geographical location is like it gets a normal air current scope from 12.87 Km/Hr to 20-30 Km/ Hr in higher parts. In air current energy a turbine is rotated by the force of the air current, therefore the turbine rotates and electricity is produced and stored on the battery. This method is besides implemented in Mauritius ; a new undertaking based on air current energy is get downing on the South.

3.3 Tidal Energy:

In an island like Mauritius surrounded by the sea, electricity can be made from the tidal besides. In tidal type energy devising, the motion of the tidal drives the turbine which in bend rotates the rotor and energy is formed and it ‘s stored in the battery. In tidal energy a tidal bombardment is made, a tidal bombardment is a sort of dike. When the tidal comes and hit on this bombardments H2O hastes through the holes made in the bombardments which turns the turbines. Many topographic points this bombardments are used as Bridgess besides. Tidal energy is widely used in United Kingdom and there it ‘s a success besides. As comparing to the solar, air current and the tidal, solar power is cheaper and weave and the tidal have about immense initial investings. But in a state like Mauritius here we have a batch of range for this tidal energy.

3.4 Wave Energy:

Wave energy is about same as that of the tidal energy. In a topographic point like Mauritius surrounded by sea electrical energy can be taken from the sea. It ‘s available plentifulness in Mauritius. Big sea moving ridges in the West can bring forth much good sum of electrical energy. Wave energy plants like make fulling sea H2O from the tide to a pit, on the shore which compresses the at bay air in the pit which turns the turbine. By the turbine turns and the electrical energy is formed and stored in the battery. Comparing to all other undertakings this 1 besides has large initial investing. It ‘s normally used in little graduated tables.

3.5 Geothermal Energy:

Geothermal energy is one of the rarest types of energy production in all sorts. It ‘s used in topographic points with volcanic parts. In this natural heat of the Earth is used. Cold H2O is pumped into the country where big sum of heat is located. This heat makes this cold H2O to evaporate and this steam is collected and used to turn the turbine. This turbine turns make electricity. It has a infinite energy supply but the job is it ‘s non applicable to every topographic point. It ‘s successful in topographic points like New Zealand and in Iceland. This undertaking is really unsafe and the hazard factor is really high. This undertaking is besides holding large initial investing.

3.6 Hydrological or Hydro Electric Power:

It ‘s the most common method used for the production of electricity in universe broad. In Mauritius they besides depends hydro electric power. In the southern portion we can see so many hydro electric power workss with a entire capacity of about 59 MW. In hydro electric power workss works in a manner like H2O is collected by constructing dikes. This gathered H2O is passed through high force per unit area pipes and this pressurised H2O is used to turn the turbines. Hydro electric power workss besides depend on the H2O resources and the rain. When the handiness of the rain gets decreases the per centum of electric production besides decreases. Comparing to all the above types initial investing is immense for this. States like India and China depends hydro electric power workss.

4.0 How Solar Energy Grid Works as profit- The Marketing country:

In Mauritius people and companies produce solar energy for their ain intent and for net income besides. Its work like this the people or the company will hold three different energy metres one metre will demo how much they consume and the other metre demo how much they produce and the 3rd metre shows the difference. If the ingestion is higher than the production they have to pay from their manus and if the ingestion is less than the production they will acquire the money from the state energy board. Normally the client had to pay the electricity measure individually and acquire a check for the production per units on every three months or six months that depends on the capacity of the works. If it ‘s a little graduated table works so the manufacturer will acquire the check on every six month and if the works is on a big graduated table he will acquire it on every three month.

Government will supply so many aid for bring forthing green energy in Mauritius, Bankss like MCB is supplying 85 % acquisition cost loan on Photovoltaic systems. Government give subordinate financess for supplying these sorts of exposure Gur systems and for the solar H2O warmers besides. Agencies like AFD ( Agence Francaise Development ) besides raise fund for bring forthing green energy in Mauritius. The financess from UNDP ( United Nation Development Program ) can besides used for the production of the green energy in Mauritius. Across most engineerings, renewable energy industries saw continued growing in equipment fabrication, gross revenues, and installing during 2011. Solar PV and onshore or the land air current power experienced theatrical monetary value decreases during the class of the twelvemonth ensuing from flagging costs due to economic systems of graduated table, progress in engineering and other factors, but besides due to decreases or intuitions in authorities policy support.

In Mauritius there are no equipments made for the production of Photovoltaic systems. All the equipments they get are from abroad. Most of the equipments are from United Kingdom, United States of America, and Australia and from China. Green power markets besides exist in Australia, Canada, and Japan, and at least one company offers green power to retail clients in South Africa. Major companies are besides playing an progressively of import function in the renewable power sector buying green power, put ining renewable energy systems, and buying Renewable Energy Credits ( RECs ) . Mac Neil Roa ( 14June2004 )

4.1 Government Influence on Green Energy Undertaking:

In partnership with UNEP, the Ministry of Environment and National Development Unit is presently developing or merely doing their measure in National Programme on Sustainable Consumption and Production ( SCP ) for Mauritius. One of the solution precedency countries good known during the scoping implement for the undertaking is the demand for an accomplishment program on Sustainable Energy preservation. A working group was constituted in order to enlarge the accomplishment program. From authoritiess indicate of position there are three sorts of energy ingestions in Mauritius they are:

Demand-side energy efficiency: This most important pick relates to industrial or to proficient, executive and character method to cut down or to take down the maximal entire energy needed to light/cool our houses, produce goods, etc.

Co-generation: Beginning of on-site or the combined co-generation of high temperature and power can radically better energy competency on the supply side.

Renewable energy: Twisted and used or the recycled onsite through biomass or solar thermic aggregators, etc every bit good as that fed into electricity connexion grids.

4.2 Barriers:

One of the basic stairss for the necessary to let booming executing of any exploit Plan is the demand to grok the barriers confront it, and how to prevail over those. Barriers to accomplishing the energy competency likely affect both market-dependent issues and academic or the institutional issues. The market barriers put off consumers from purchasing energy competent merchandises and services ; the institutional or the academic barriers put off energy establishments from advancing energy efficiency. One imperative thing is deficiency of consciousness and apprehension of energy competency. Energy competency chances are on a regular basis overlooked due to the simple fact that industry and other consumers are uninformed that they subsist. It is in the intent of this action program to develop consciousness in such affairs and to convey familiarity into the assorted sectors. There is for illustration, a low punter heed of the benefits of specific energy efficiency engineerings and patterns. Institutional or academic Barriers and confrontation to alter: There is a frequent false feeling, preponderantly in industry, that energy competency will interrupt production procedures and that alterations should non be made unless wholly necessary. Energy Audits will cover with this job.

The other jobs are be short of of capableness for carry oning Energy Audits and implementing Energy Management Systems and be deficient in application of up to day of the month direction accomplishments depicting to energy direction in public every bit good as in private sector endeavors.

4.3 Current Status:

The one-year or the annual chief energy requirement per capita has been additions from 0.73 metric tons ( tones of oil equivalent ) in 1990 to 1.3 toe in 2011.

The entire chief energy requirement was 1380 kg tone in 2011. Mauritius is greatly dependent relation on imported dodo fuels for its energy demands. Around 83 % of the entire chief energy requirement was met by imported fuels ( oil, LPG and coal ) signifier South Africa and from other African states and the staying 19 % acquiring from place beginnings ( bagasse, hydro and fuel wood ) . The largest frequenters of energy were the transit and industrialized sectors which accounted for 50.2 % and 32.6 % of the entire energy use correspondingly. Domestic outgo accounted for about 13.2 % of the entire energy outgo.

The part of fossil fuels in the entire energy requirement increased from 64 % in 1992 to 83.4 % in 2007. Programs for mounting good organisation and increasing renewable energy are therefore non maintaining gait with mounting demand and economic growing. The rise in electricity use is at a sustained rate of 6.1 % . The part of electricity from renewable beginnings ( bagasse and hydro ) has decreased from 31.3 % in 1996 to about 24.5 % in 2007. The part of coal in electricity creative activity rose to 41.2 % in 2007 while engagement of fuel oil and Diesel fell marginally to 38.3 % . The concentration of energy usage is 0.62 metric ton per 1000 USD of GDP. This can be related to 0.23 metric tons per 1000 USD in OECD states or 0.19 toes per 1000 USD in EU-15. The possibility for better energy efficiency is evident from today ‘s immense spread between developed states like Japan and Europe and Mauritius.

The Electricity Act 1939, by the authorities of Mauritius as amended and the Independent Power Producers Act control electricity production and usage in Mauritius. The duty is intended so as to depress wastage. Three piece of statute law have been made but non yet come to move, and would hold major impacts or function on the electricity section, viz. the Utility Regulatory Authority Act 2004 by the authorities of Mauritius, the Electricity Act 2005 passed by the parliament and the Competition Bill 2007 by the Mauritanian authorities. Steering rule on electricity is under the answerability of the Ministry of Public Utilities while policy on transit fuel is under the answerability of the Ministry of Industry, SMEs, Commerce and Cooperatives- Commerce Division, with importing issues delegated to the State Trading Corporation.

The Final Draft National Energy Policy 2008 passed by the authorities of Mauritius looks forwarded at energy use in both the electricity and transit sectors. The advanced policy and its accomplishment program turn around three nucleus axes: Better energy competency through farther energy competent contraptions or vehicles edifices, labelling, revenue enhancement, strong linkages with sustainable touristry etc. Improved safety of energy provide through augmented portion of renewable in the energy meeting, micro production, C revenue enhancement, utilizing cleaner engineerings or public-service corporations for coal power workss, etc, and ; Droping the privation for energy forces largely through sustainable life styles, improved land be aftering thereby dropping transposing, mass transit, tele-working, flexitime, etc.

A very figure of energy decrease undertakings are in the channel and are designed to be implemented by a scope of establishments or through academic schemes. Some of the present enterprises connected to electricity nest eggs are:

Numerous programs introduced to the allotment of CEB by CFLs in secondary schools with copybook holding energy stash waies.

Manage or command the route or street lighting by CEB and place governments to do certain that street visible radiations do non hang about lighted during daylight. Demand side Management ( DSM ) undertakings by CEB supported through messages and information operation, competition, pulling competition ; free sharing or gifting of CFLs in stray countries and in the island of Rodrigues, allocation of energy salvaging spines and calendars in lower primary schools and in primary schools.

In add-on, some of the approaching undertakings in electricity nest eggs are:

One important thing is from the beginning that is from the merchandising of Low Energy Compact Fluorescent Lamps ( CFLs ) to the common public by the Central Electricity Board ( CEB ) , at inexpensive monetary value utilizing C acclamation from the voluntary C market. The following thing is the growing of a Grid Code strategy by CEB to give a construction for little and large self-governing generators to import and export electricity on the web. And the 3rd thing is the enlargement of a Time of Use Tariff by CEB to put off electricity usage during peak clip. Energy Savings motion by Energy Services Division of the Ministry of Public Utilities ( MPU ) , by replacing of visible radiations with energy economic system tube visible radiations. Energy Efficiency-Product Labelling program by MPU. Energy Management in usage of thermal made steam derived from fossil-fuels. In the instance of the Textile Industry, by the University Of Mauritius Recommendations Of Utilities Committee at Ministry of Industry, SMEs, Commerce and Cooperatives by Enterprise Mauritius for modesty competency in industries subdivision. Green Productivity Clinic at National Productivity and Competitiveness Council ( NPCC ) to give assurance cleaner creative activity through improved energy competency along industry lines. And the last thing is the enlargement of an Energy Cluster in Mauritius, to promote solar ( thermic and photovoltaic ) including export prospective.

4.4 Stairss for doing Green Mauritius:

Budget 2008-2009: Building Green Mauritius – “ Maurice Ile Durable

In the 2008-2009 budget announced, the Minister of Finance and Economic Development announced the revamping of the National Energy subsidise into a Maurice Ile Durable ( MID ) subsidize. The subsidize fund, which will be under the counsel of the MPU, will keep up attempts to guard the environment through procedure of recycling, this give assurance more well-organized usage of energy and hike the dependance on renewable energy. The finance will beat up financess through revenue enhancements, authorities subsidies, enlargement spouses, C credits and the private every bit good as the authorities sector, every bit good as air hoses countervailing their C credits.

4.5 Key Steps include:

Wind Energy undertaking at Bigara

New hydro units at Midlands and La Nicoliere

Landfill Gas to Electricity undertaking at Mare Chicose

Optimize the usage of bagasse and cane field residues

Puting up of an “ Observatoire de l’Energie ” and an information run

Solar Water warmer loan strategy

Decrease of responsibility on solar H2O warmer and spare parts

Introduction of summer clip ( pilot undertaking in 2008 )

Puting up of a solid waste recycling plan

50 % decrease of revenue enhancements on intercrossed vehicles

Presentation of an “ Energy Efficiency Bill ”

Increase of Road Tax harmonizing to engine capacity

4.6 Goals of the Action Plan:

The chief end of the Action Plan is future to manus unit of ammunition as a route program for Mauritius. To acknowledge the important and reasonable stairss needed for sustainable energy usage. This program gives manner for the instant executing of low-priced intercessions every bit good as high cost steps with short repay periods. These will be followed subsequently by mean term and longer term plus chance. Specifically, the Plan ‘s general ends for the following five old ages are to do the usage of energy in families, offices, industry and transit become more sustainable. The enlargement of decentralized renewable energy beginnings like solar, air current and tidal is besides an cardinal component of sustainable energy use and will be taken up by MPU following the 2008-2009 budgetary address.

The Six schemes identified to run into the above ends are as follows:

Strategy1: Energy Savings in the Residential Sector

Undertaking 1: To develop minimal energy public presentation criterions ( MEPS ) for cardinal contraptions ( Led by MPU with Ministry of Industry, SMEs, Commerce and Cooperatives & A ; MSB )

Undertaking 2: Phasing out of incandescent lamps ( Led by MPU, with Ministry of Industry, SME ‘s, Commerce and Cooperatives ( Commerce Division ) & A ; MSB )

Strategy 2: Energy Savings in the Commercial and Industrial Sector

Undertaking 1: Capacity Building of Energy Audit Providers and Promotion of Energy Service Companies ( NPCC and UOM )

Undertaking 2: Develop MEPS for industrial boiler efficiency, air conditioning, electric motors/machines ( MPU in coaction with a research establishment )

Undertaking 3: Regular Energy Auditing to be made mandatary for high energy users ( MPU )

Undertaking 4: Aid SMEs in transporting out energy audits with a targeted strategy ( SEHDA, NPCC and Enterprise Mauritius )

Strategy 3: Energy Savings in the Public Sector

Undertaking: Necessitate all public sector organic structures to bring forth one-year studies puting out their energy efficiency actions and advancement and facilitate exchange of energy efficiency best patterns between public sector organic structures through the web. ( MPU ) This undertaking has besides been identified by the working group on Sustainable Government Practices.

Undertaking 1: Require public organic structures to buy merely energy efficient illuming as from 2009 when put ining or replacing lighting ( MPU and Ministry of Finance and Economic Development ) .

Strategy 4: Energy Savings in the Transport Sector

Undertaking 1: Addition Consumer Knowledge about benefits of Sustainable Driving including providing tools for energy efficient vehicle choice ( TMRSU )

Undertaking 2: Survey on Vehicular Emissions and Capacity Building on Emission Testing ( MOE, MPI and UOM )

Undertaking 3: Influence the consumer to modal displacement and behavioral alteration such as the Park and Ride Schemes, Incentives for auto pooling, Bicycle usage etc through instruction and sensitisation runs ( TMRSU )

Strategy 5: On-site Renewable Energy Development

Undertakings under this scheme are to be undertaken by MPU under the execution of the National Energy Policy and Action Plan and the 2008-2009 budgetary steps.

Strategy 6: Education and Awareness and R & A ; D

Education and Awareness on Energy Savings is looked into by the SCP proficient working group on Education and Communication for Sustainable Lifestyles. However, there is a demand to develop an integrated research scheme that will enable more effectual determination devising by policy shapers.

Undertaking 1: Invent a Strategic Research Plan on Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy ( MPU )

This Action Plan will be achieved mostly via enabling instruments and intercessions. These will include inter alia economic and legislative agencies, minimal public presentation criterions, energy direction activities and energy audits every bit good as publicity of efficient patterns. The potency of C finance will be carefully looked into during execution, capitalising on chances available under the current UNDP – Millennium Development Goals Carbon Facility.

This Action Plan will be implemented through execution squads as outlined within the papers. Systems will be put in topographic point to sporadically supervise advancement against marks.

4.7 Alternate Schemes:

Strategy 1: Energy Savings in the Residential Sector


Home contraptions are the universe ‘s fastest turning consumers of energy after cars. Residential gross revenues are forecast to turn from the figure of 521 GWh in 2002 to 650 GWh in 2007 to 768 GWh in 2012. These figures represent mean one-year growing rates of 4.5 % over the following 5 old ages and 3.4 % over the undermentioned five old ages. Today the mean Mauritanian family uses about 1770 kWh of energy each twelvemonth. But usage varies widely among residential clients. About 15 % of families consume less than 600 kWh of energy each twelvemonth and about 15 % consume more than 2,400 kWh of energy each twelvemonth. Appliances such as air conditioners, dish washers, place film, and place office equipment are deriving in popularity in in-between income families. Other common domestic contraptions such as telecastings and iceboxs are being replaced by larger units. Many medium and high income families are buying extra contraptions.

Efficiency criterions have been successfully applied abroad and hold brought about important betterments in efficiencies. The scheme is to develop Minimum Energy Performance Standards ( MEPS ) for cardinal contraptions to be sold on the market every bit good as a stage out of the usage of incandescent lamps. Failure to follow with MEPS consequences in punishments. An consciousness run must besides be launched to promote consumers to maximise the energy efficiency of their air-conditioners. The purpose of MEPS is to necessitate makers to better the energy efficiency of their contraption designs. MEPS besides have the consequence of taking contraptions with low energy efficiency, from the market. The Committee agreed that as a first measure, MEPS will be formulated for iceboxs and air conditioners.

Aim of Scheme:

The aim of the scheme is to stabilise the energy ingestion in the families. A specific mark could be to accomplish at least 25 % addition of energy efficient family ‘s contraptions to be purchased within the following 5 old ages and achieve at least 10 % decrease of mean energy ingestion in the families within 5 old ages.

Tools Choice:

Merchandise information, statute law and consciousness elevation activities are identified as the most appropriate tools to utilize for advancing reduced energy ingestion in family contraptions. Merchandise information will supply governments and consumers with information on energy efficiency while consciousness raising activities would promote people to purchase energy efficient family contraptions.

4.8 Critical Stairss for Execution

MPU to put up an execution squad on MEPS and phasing out of incandescent bulbs

Preliminary Industry Consultation and Preliminary Cost/Benefit Analysis

The competent authorization ( MPU ) needs to develop the Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards for what is to be considered as energy efficient family contraptions. This should be based on scientific surveies and audience with cardinal stakeholders. Ask for public remark.

MPU to outline the appropriate ordinances for MEPS which should stipulate the trial process and the proficient demands

MSB would be assigned the duty for proving and to implement the MEPS ( need for resources )

A competent institute to be designated to make full the function of an information Centre supplying information on a regular basis on efficient contraptions and on how to utilize them right. The information is to be disseminated through hotlines, web sites, etc

Success Measures/Monitoring

What ( index ) : Have the purchased energy efficient air conditioners accounted for 25 % of gross revenues on the targeted market within 5 old ages

Who ( will supervise ) : denominate an independent research institute to supervise the index

How and how frequently data should be collected: Datas can be collected from manufacturers and Sellerss on an one-year footing or before and after the execution of the tools.


Initial 1-2 old ages continuance is considered as realistic to transport out the activities above

Resources Needed: The MPU has already secured financess from UNDP for the execution of a undertaking on Energy Labelling. This undertaking will include the development of MEPS.

Strategy 2: Energy Savings in the Commercial and Industrial Sector


Energy Audits have internationally been used across all sectors to place efficiency steps that can be implemented in a cost-efficient mode. The Plan will advance energy audits as a agency to better energy efficiency.

Energy Management Systems enables the formalisation of monitoring, measuring and aiming energy ingestion every bit good as supplying sector-specific benchmarking information. The importance of effectual monitoring and aiming can non be over-emphasized as it provides the yardstick against which nest eggs are targeted and betterments are measured. The Plan will advance the mainstreaming of energy direction systems. Energy Service Companies ( ESCOs ) sell energy services, energy direction being one of the most common activities. The ESCO meet client needs through a comprehensive energy audit service, financing mechanism, equipment procurance and installing and commissioning, monitoring and public presentation warrants. This addresses those state of affairss where companies do non hold the expertness and resources to give to energy direction activities themselves.

Although the construct of ESCO is non new, it is non yet developed in Mauritius. There is limited experience in the market place. As a consequence, a assurance spread exists in the market where clients are loath to utilize this service bringing manner. The Plan will be devoted to make a more formal model within which ESCOs can run. This will dwell of commissioned public presentation criterions and approved methodological analysiss for energy efficiency audits every bit good as professionals accreditation. However to be effectual, it is frequently required that both the audits and the execution of steps to be paid by the client and to be made compulsory for certain industries or commercial edifices. The bing Enterprise Development Fund from Enterprise Mauritius can be used by industries to prosecute in energy auditing. The puting up of ESCOs would be facilitated by MPU.

4.9 Objective of Strategy

The overall aim is to convey the energy strengths of major industrial and commercial sectors in line with international criterions and best pattern.

The specific aims are:

Develop MEPS for industrial boiler efficiency, hair-raisers, and electric motors/machines. These are common to many industries.

Capacity Building of Energy Audit Providers and Promotion of Energy Management Systems

Regular Energy Auditing to be made mandatary for high energy users.

Promotion of Energy Service Companies

Critical Stairss for Execution

The MPU and MRC will put up execution squads who will

Research into bing international criterions for common industry equipment ( boiler, motors, etc ) . The criterions will be formulated and adopted.

Investigate the status/potential of ESCO market in Mauritius and set up agencies of heightening the publicity of ESCOs within industry and commercialism

See a ordinance for compulsory energy audits in specific industries/commercial edifices

Led by the NPCC, and together with UOM/MSB/EM, this execution squad will be set up to:

Prepare an audit criterion and model

Carry out capacity edifice of hearers and test audit strategies through specific sectors.

A specialised preparation plan for forces at in-between and top direction degree of major energy consumer organisations will be carried out. The NPCC will committee a confer withing company to carry on the preparation programmed. Participants who attend the plan for the full period would be issued a certification.

Develop a enfranchisement Procedure for energy hearers

Undertake Energy Management Systems presentation undertakings and look into a plan of industry developing support particularly for SMEs.

Success Measures/Monitoring Indexs

No. of energy hearers trained

No of ESCOs in the state

No of Industries/commercial edifices transporting out regular audits

Mandatory energy audits implemented for high energy users


1-2 old ages


An estimated Rs 3 million is required for the capacity edifice undertaking for Energy Auditors which includes the purchase of basic energy usage monitoring equipment and about Rs 1 million for the development of MEPS on common industrial electrical equipment.

Strategy 3: Energy Savings in the Public Sector


The Government will take by illustration through raising energy efficiency consciousness among authorities employees and by implementing specific steps within its ain edifices.

Aim of Strategy

To increasingly upgrade the energy public presentation of bing public edifices and accomplish best pattern energy public presentation in new edifices

Require all public sector organic structures to bring forth one-year studies puting out their energy efficiency actions and advancement. Facilitate exchange of energy efficiency best pattern between public sector organic structures through the web.

Necessitate that public organic structures to buy merely energy efficient illuming as from 2009 when put ining or replacing illuming. Appropriate Procurement standards must be formulated.

Critical Stairss for Execution

The Energy Services Division under the MPU has already prepared an action program to upgrade the energy public presentation of authorities edifices and the costs will be met under the 2008-2009 budgetary steps.

The future Observatories de L’Energie will take the lead to necessitate all public sector organic structures to bring forth one-year studies puting out their energy efficiency actions and advancement and to ease exchange of energy efficiency best pattern between public sector organic structures through the web.

The MPU and the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development will work out the procurance standard for energy efficient lightings through the Sustainable Procurement Framework.

Strategy 4: Energy Savings in the Transport Sector


The energy burden of conveyance depends on the system ( the manner of conveyance ) ; the engineering ( the vehicle ) and the user ( driver behaviour ) . The major parts towards energy nest eggs for this sector will originate from a important modal displacement to public conveyance. This issue has non been addressed by the commission as there are a figure of undertaking already in the grapevine. The commission has focused its work on engineering and driver behaviour. Vehicle Technology is forcing towards greater energy efficiency through steps associating to air-conditioning systems, tire force per unit area supervising systems, sustainable biofuels etc.

A High-Occupancy Vehicle lane ( or HOV lane ) is a lane reserved for vehicles with a driver and one or more riders. These lanes are besides known as carpool lanes, commuter lanes, diamond lanes, express lanes, and theodolite lanes. The working group was of the sentiment that the TMRSU should look into implementing a High Occupancy Vehicle lane on the M1 from junction Curepipe to Port Louis. The HOV lanes will be for vehicles transporting two or more people. HOV Lanes usually work best associating concentrated residential countries to cardinal concern territories and as such might be executable for Mauritius.

Aim of Strategy

Feasibility survey on the debut of a High Occupancy Vehicle Lane

Provide Tools for energy efficient vehicle choice ( Fuel Efficiency labelling of Vehicles, Change the Vehicle Registration Tax etc )

Maintain fuel efficiency of older vehicles through an Emission Testing system Influence the consumer to modal displacement and behavioral alteration such as the Park and Ride Schemes Increase Consumer Knowledge about benefits of sustainable drive

Critical Stairss for Implementation and Financial Resources Required

Sensitization of decision-makers ( MPI )

TMRSU to look into the feasibleness of the HOV lane. This is to be included in the Footings of Mention of the adviser working on the feasibleness of the Bus Lane.

TMRSU to put up an execution squad for an consciousness raising plan on sustainable drive. This will include information to consumers on efficient vehicles. The cost of the consciousness run is estimated at Rs 1million.

The UOM will carry on a study on vehicular emanations. Through this undertaking, capacity edifice of enforcement officers will be ensured. An estimated Rs 100,000 is needed for this undertaking.

The TMRSU to implement a Demand-side Management ( DSM ) scheme which include soft support steps for act uponing average displacement and behavioral change-such as promoting cycling, promote auto sharing, flexible working, financial steps such as congestion charges, park and sit schemes etc. About Rs 1 million is needed to kick start this undertaking.

Strategy 5: On-site Renewable Energy Development

( Bing addressed in National Energy Policy and Action Plan, to be implemented by MPU with aid from Ministry of Finance and Economic Development )

Strategy 6: Education and Awareness and R & A ; D


Information and Awareness are cardinal elements to accomplish success in footings of altering Mauritius into a more energy efficient society. A National Energy Efficiency run advancing energy efficiency among assorted mark groups through a multi-media run must be launched. This scheme is taken up by the Working Group on Education and Communication for Sustainable Lifestyles.

Research is besides cardinal in finding the long term way towards sustainability. Investing in Research and Development is critical to guarantee an addition in the cognition base required to back up the turning energy sector. Technological options represent important potency for energy efficiency betterments. The possible version of internationally available engineerings and procedures need to be researched. There is a demand to hold an integrated research scheme on Energy Efficiency and Renewable energy which will assist policy shapers in better determination devising.

Aim of Strategy and Critical Steps for Implementation

The future Observatories de L’Energie to originate the amplification of an integrated strategic research program in coaction between UOM, UTM and MRC. This program will steer research establishments in their activities such as undertaking allotment to pupils. The consequences of the research activities must be utile to policy shapers.

TEC and MRC to supply support to research workers in precedence countries of research on energy efficiency and renewable energy beginnings as identified by the strategic research program. This will include research families.

From all this schemes that authorities put frontward Mauritius can be one of the states which can develop plenty green energy for the demands of the people and for the industrial intents. States like Germany and Spain are the states who take much importance for the green energy and developing it. If they can win why ca n’t Mauritius. The large celebrated undertaking in Spain like PS20 ( Planta Solar 20 and Planta Solar10 ) a 20 MW and 50 MW undertaking which makes a good economic stableness in the power field of the state. Mauritius can besides do this sort of undertakings and do it to action and can do net income with a clip rhythm of approximately 15 to twenty old ages.


Renewable accounted for about half of the approximative 209 GW of new electric capacity installed globally in 2010. In fact, non-hydro renewable have accounted for a large and larger portion of new electric aptitude over the past several old ages, lifting from 11 % in 2004 to about 39 % in 2011, while their part to entire worldwide bring forthing capacity has more than doubled during this period. Entire renewable power capacity worldwide exceeded 1,470 GW in 2011, up approximately 9 % from 2010. Non-hydro renewable exceeded 400 GW, a 26 % capacity rise over 2010. Globally, air current and solar PV accounted for about 45 % and 33 % of advanced renewable capacity, in that order, followed by hydropower ( about 22 % )

If there is a suited degree of investing in the Green Energy sector, so it could afford long-run sustainable enlargement and wealth formation to the island of Mauritius, economically and giving so many possibilities of new occupations in green energy Fieldss. However, such plus will necessitate to be coordinated by Environmental and Electrical development and operation. The short-run costs of Government funding would look to be low compared to the possible long-run award available to the Mauritanian economic system. Even with the most hopeful degrees of operation over the following 5 old ages, the spendings in provision of initial direct subsidy are improbable to be much greater than 65 million. Competitively keeping and initialising the ready important island of Mauritius the Green Energy proficiency and industry over that period will let the gap in future old ages to re-examine both the advancement and the economic instance with better and more certain informations, whilst retaining the option to capture a important piece of a place and planetary market. With a Green Energy sector based upon the island of Mauritius ‘s native Marine resource, one time developed, this sector is really possible to stay within the island of Mauritius supplying important employment.

In decision, for a relatively little initial investing over the following 5 old ages at that place is the chance of go oning along the flight which may finally bring forth a big Green Energy sector with really big benefit.

Mauritius is known as the Paradise Island. Make this island a Eden by giving a pollution free environment. As in India peoples of Mauritius had a civilization of giving their wealth and monetary value to the followings or to their kids ‘s, allow ‘s hope they will give a pollution free Mauritius to their following coevals.