Why do people get married?

Why do people get married?

Why do people get married? Marriage has the twofold purpose of establishing a conjugal life (companionship) and the establishing a family (procreation and support of children). The married state constitutes a conjugal society. It is a natural institution. Man is drawn to it by the necessity of his natural nature. While marriage is not necessary in order to beget children, it is necessary for the purpose of care and training of children. The welfare of the children then is the primary purpose of marriage. This is precisely why marriage by nature and by divine will is stable or permanent relationship since welfare of the children would not otherwise be assured.

The secondary purpose of marriage is mutual support and companionship (Goodpaster & Sayre, 2001). Marriage is a state where spouses compliment each other. Love and concern for each other is the foundation of a happy marriage. Without such love and appreciation for each other, no man and woman can be together permanently. Thus, such love which draws spouses in marriage must be more than physical attachment, sexual attraction, or infatuation. It is the deep commitment of matured persons for each other

Marriage is one of the biggest events of an individual’s life. It is not simply a civil contract binding man and woman to accomplish a task. It is the sanctified union of the souls of the spouses. The sanctity of marriage derives from the holiness of God who instituted it and from the honest surrender of man’s will to the natural law of his being. Indeed, man is directed by his nature to marriage without however being compelled to enter it out of necessity (Disch, 2000). The freedom of choice, even to enter marriage, belongs to the person.


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