Work has been a driving force for all of the people living in the society today

Work has been a driving force for all of the people living in the society today

Work has been a driving force for all of the people living in the society today. They devote most of their lives working, and they justify this act as something that they have to do in order to live. Some people associate working with earning money, but doesn’t end with only that. There are a lot more reasons why people work, and it can be rooted to the people’s needs, not the money, but the things that could be derived from what you earn. Meaningful work is a work with a purpose, not of monetary compensation, but with a deeper reason, either for the fulfillment of a person’s interest or for the welfare of other people (Samuel, 2007).

Some consider working as something they need to do; something that could earn them what they need in order to fulfill their wishes. But for me, the concept of work is a lot different than how others perceive it. For me, work is the realization of my efforts in my younger years. I am studying so that I can be able to work with my field of expertise; thus I’ll be able to exercise my talents to the fullest. If I will be able to do what I think I can do best, then I’m sure all my efforts will be rewarded by a good payment, and when I am earning a good deal of money, then I could live a life that is free of financial problems.

Well, it depends on the people’s perceptions; their view on something could be a manifestation of their perspective in life (Young, 2007). I am a person who takes things positively. For me, working is not a burden that we have to carry all throughout our lives. It is true that if a person doesn’t work, he will eventually suffer, especially if he is living on his own, and is not blesses with a wealthy family. But working shouldn’t hinder you from enjoying your life. I think of work as a way to practice the things that I can do best, and it doesn’t limit you to a single work alone. You can do various things, as long as you put your heart into it. It is only a matter of thinking that classifies work as a burden.

Reasons why people work

Working is also a way to express what you feel to your loved ones. Working for the sake of another person is a manifestation of love. When you work, you are able to afford things that are essential for their happiness. Working also entails responsibility. You hold yourself responsible in providing the basic needs of a person whom you dedicate your work to; your loved ones and family members. You seek to provide the basic necessities in life, like food, shelter and clothing through working and earning money to buy these things (“Why Do People Work?” 2004).

Working also entails social responsibility. I treat work as an obligation to the society. You are wasting your talents if you don’t work, and it means you are a waste of the society. Working also brings out the abilities of a person, and with those abilities, the society is able to produce quality outputs; art masterpieces like paintings and sculptures are the work of brilliant minds of the past, and they have worked their way in order to produce it.

Working doesn’t only mean being able to produce an output. You need to put your heart into it, so that the output you create is really a product of hard work. Meaningful working entails a sense of responsibility from the person itself, and that they should treat every opportunity to work as an opportunity to show the people his talents; he should treat everything he does as a masterpiece and give all his effort into it. The product of a meaningful work is a meaningful output.


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