Medical Tourism By Different Authors Health And Social Care Essay

Medical Tourism By Different Authors Health And Social Care Essay

In this chapter, a figure of definitions on Medical Tourism have been provided. The writer has besides included different facets on this burgeoning industry viz. its presence in the universe every bit good as the grade of its incursion in Mauritius, the construction of Health Tourism go throughing through a SWOT Analysis related to the Mauritanian context and so concluded with an overview on the bing legal models.

Definitions of Medical Tourism by different writers

Medical Tourism or Medical travel is the act of going to different states to undergo medical intervention such as decorative surgeries, dental surgeries, or general surgeries. Medical Tourism is a new term but non a new thought. Patients have been going since a long clip in hunt of better attention. Medical Tourism or wellness touristry has been defined by Connell ( 2006:2 ) as a “ popular mass- civilization where people travel frequently long distances to other finishs such as India, Thailand, and Malaysia to obtain medical services such as alveolar consonant, decorative and non-cosmetic attention and at the same clip basking their vacations ” . He besides added that medical travel is the chase of medical attention aboard and coincident engaging in a more conventional signifier of touristry.

Some dependable research literature has focused on the evident motivations of medical tourers in going abroad for medical intervention such as fiscal grounds, waiting times, and the inaccessibility of coveted intervention in the prospective medical tourers ‘ ain states of abode ( Awadzi and Panda, 2005, Connell, 2006 ) . Another definition was cited in the Medical Tourism study ( 2006 ) , where Medical Tourism was defined as any type of travel from one ‘s usual topographic point of abode to another finish to undergo medical attentions. Health Tourism has besides been defined by Goodrich & A ; Goodrich ( 1987:217 ) as the challenge on the portion of a finish to pull tourers by advancing intentionally its health-care services and installations adding to its usual tourer installations.

Furthermore, Medical Tourism is a phenomenon that occurs when international patients travel across boundaries for their health care and medical demands. For case every twenty-four hours, 1000000s of North Americans, Europeans and Arabs are going to different states for medical intervention.

Medical travel can besides be defined as “ cost effectual ” medical intervention in association with the touristry industry for international patients willing to execute any types of surgical processs ( India Medical Care, 2007 ) . Keckly and Underwood ( 2008 ) noted that Medical Tourism is when 1 is go forthing his topographic point of occupants in order to have intervention elsewhere. In add-on, harmonizing to Horowitz and Rosensweig ( 2007 ) have argued that, “ medical tourers ” attempt to happen latest wellness attention at sensible monetary values in states at variable degrees of development.

Harmonizing to Awadzi and Panda ( 2005 ) , the term Medical Tourism refers to the seaward proviso of medical services in combination with the other touristry chances by utilizing comparative cost advantage as the purchase point.

Research workers have documented that Medical Tourism is an action whereby patients of curable diseases choose to go offshore with the intent and assurance of having appropriate wellness installations. These patients expect to be offered a high category intervention in a really comfy ambiance. Medical Tourism does non intend that the tourers will be satisfied merely in the sense of site-seeing ; instead it means that these medical tourers are set abouting a extremely sensitive journey where their wellness is the chief focal point.

An anon. research worker clearly defined the birth of Medical Tourism as “ Knowledge, engineering, equipment, medical specialties, and other elements of health care system while traversing the national boundary lines without any restraint of nationality, race, faith or credo.

Therefore, we can state that though different writers interpret the term Medical Tourism in their ain manner, at the terminal the significance remains the same.

History of Medical Tourism

Medical Tourism is non a new construct. The history of Medical Tourism started with people going to other states for medical intervention. This is related back when Grecian tourists were going from the Mediterranean to Epidauria, a part situated in Saronic Golf. It was said that the “ Saronic Golf ” is besides known as the “ Healing God ” . Hence, it was recorded in the Medical Tourism history that Epidauria is the original finish for Medical Tourism. Later, in the 16th and 17th centuries, spa towns such as St Moritz and Bath became premier finishs for the European upper categories to comfort their unwellness. Hence, watering place may be considered as an early signifier of Medical Tourism ( Indian Tourism Medical Industry: growing chance and challenges by shikha Rastogi Grag & A ; Anu Bhawraj ) .

During these centuries, people visited watering place because it was said that the mineral H2O found there was handling diseases such as TB, bronchitis liver diseases, among many others. Dental surgery, decorative surgery and other types of surgeries are comparatively a new phenomenon ( Understanding medicaltourism )

Furthermore, over the past few old ages, people have been going to many developed states for medical intervention. However, since this field is being seen as a high beginning of income, even developing states are advancing Medical Tourism. Medical tourers have understood this scheme and are increasingly nearing developing states due to their low-cost medical services.

Health Tourism Structure

Health Tourism is the word coined to wrap the different components of supplying health care installations to international patients. Medical Tourism is of the subdivisions of Health Tourism. The construction of Health Tourism has been illustrated in Table below. As stated in Chapter 1 of this survey, the research worker will concentrate merely on Medical Tourism.

Medical Tourism around the universe

Medical Tourism is going an emerging cosmopolitan manner. Every twenty-four hours more and more people are choosing for medical attention aboard. We should therefore inquire ourselves: “ Why do people prefer to go for long distances instead than having medical intervention in their states? “ This reply relies in two elements: a ) cost and B ) quality of wellness attention. That is they look for a topographic point where they can acquire moderately priced top-class wellness intervention. With clip, foreign patients have been able to see many parts of the universe in order to run into the above mentioned two critical ingredients to measure up as a good Medical Tourism finish. Research shows that the below listed seven states are the most preferable Medical Tourism finishs in the universe:


Panama is classified as the top Medical Tourism finishs, by pulling chiefly US and Canadian patients. It is considered as one of the best and celebrated topographic point in the universe to set about costmetic and non decorative interventions. This is because of its outstanding health care services, latest engineering, safety and low cost for medical attention and hospitalization.Treatment in Panama is besides extremely regarded as physicians are bilingual, board certified and they used to work with the similar medical setup used by European medical touristry finishs. Factors lending for the addition in wellness touristry in Panama are its natural attractive forces, cultural diverseness and its strategic and geographic place. The common medical processs undergo by international patients are decorative surgeries ( healthtourism, all, Medical Tourism: Global Competition in Health Care by Devon M. Herrick )


Brazil can be said to be the international Mecca for decorative and fictile surgeries. It is categorized as the universe ‘s 2nd taking market for the intervention of plastic surgeries. Many tourers, peculiarly adult females, travel to Brazil to heighten their physical visual aspects. Brazil has tonss of qualified sawboness and infirmaries equipped with sophisticated engineerings. Surgeons use the latest cutting-edge techniques to offer patients with interventions such as face lift, suction lipectomy and chest implants. Cosmetic and fictile surgeries are the most demanded intervention of foreign patients ( Nuwire Investors )


Besides its cultural, antique and natural appeals, Malaysia is on the path to tag itself as a low priced and sophisticated health care hub in Asia ( By Elaine ANG ) . Malaysia is classified amongst the universe top six Medical Tourism finish ( Nuwire investors ) Medical Tourism has been spread outing quickly during these recent old ages. Peoples from several states are seeking health care intervention at that place. Malaysia has become a Centre of medical excellence because of its high quality medical installations and services and besides it has a great figure of good trained and qualified medical specializers ( Tourism Malaysia, 2007 ) Thirty five private infirmaries have been identified as the key drivers for medical touristry for this peculiar state. The figure of wellness travellers in hunt of health care services in Malaysia has increased from 75,210 patients in 2001 to 296,687 patients in 2006, stand foring an addition of over 290 % over 5 old ages.

Furthermore, the entire figure of medical tourer geting in the state has reached 425,500 in 2009. It has besides been estimated that in 2012 medical tourers in Malaysia would make 689,000. International patients and investors are attracted to Malaysia because of its favourable exchange rate, political & A ; economic stableness and high rate of literacy ( Nuwire investors ) The common medical interventions that international patients seek in Malaysia are: decorative intervention including nose job, oculus surgery, face lift, cardiac processs and birthrate interventions.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is renowned to be both a popular touristry and Medical Tourism finish. It has first-class medical and wellness attention installations which are universe widely certified. The medical suppliers in Costa Rica offer modern engineering and protocols. Costa Rica is considered to be the lone medical finish in the universe that has 100 % of private infirmaries that have earned JCI accreditation which helps to hike up Medical Tourism in the state ( costaricanmedicalcare ) . There are several factors that have contributed to the success of Costa Rica as one of the top finish for international patients and some are political stableness, friendly environment, low-cost monetary value of interventions, high rate of literacy, geographically good located and quality of service. Some popular medical processs in Costa Rica are decorative and fictile surgeries, dental intervention, orthopaedic and ophthalmology.


India has the lowest cost and highest quality as compared to all Medical Tourism finishs ( Report for National Center for policy Analysis, NCPA ) Many infirmaries are accredited by the JCI and there are tonss of extremely trained physicians. India ‘s Medical Tourism sector is spread outing at a really rapid addition with about 500,000 medical travellers in 2005 as compared to an estimated 150,000 patients in 2002. Experts estimate that wellness touristry could convey approximately $ 2.2 billons in 2010 ( University of Delaware ‘s u- day-to-day intelligence ) . Medical tourers prefer to take India as their health care finish because of the presence of efficient substructures and advanced engineering. Common interventions undergo by international patients in India cardiovascular, orthopaedic, rectification of eyes, dental attention, decorative surgeries, malignant neoplastic disease diagnosing and articulatio genus organ transplant.


Thailand has gained the rubric as an unbelievable Medical Tourism finish. The Thai state has several infirmary internationally accredited infirmaries which offers diferent types of medical interventions, get downing from organ grafts to dental and decorative surgeries. The infirmaries use latest and sophisticated engineering and delivers outstanding quality of wellness attention to their patients.

Reasons for taking Thailand as a medical finish

Personal attention is provided to patients ;

Extra services such as linguistic communication interlingual rendition which are of great aid to foreign patients are offered ;

High engagement of the Thai governement to advance Medical Tourism ;

Presence of well-trained physicians from the United States ;

Most of the physicians and staff speak English.

( Medical Tourism cooperation- Thailand functionary web sites )


Singapore is known for its effectivity in supplying outstanding health care services. It is a multi-faceted regional medical hub, both for medical services and besides the right meeting topographic point where wellness conferences and carnivals can take topographic point. Singapore is classified as a taking health care hub in Asia. It attracts about 200,000 international patients per twelvemonth. Singapore is a said to be a universe category metropolis. It is politically stable, peaceable and safe. One of the ends of the Singapore authorities is to pull over a million abroad patients in 2012. Its adjacent rivals are Thailand and Malaysia ( asiasmedicaltourism )

Reasons for taking Singapore as a medical finish

Top quality health care services

A really orderly state

Low-cost monetary values

Political Stability

Low offense and high security rate

Medical Tourism in Mauritius

This subdivision provides an overview of Medical Tourism in Mauritius. We will look at the health care installations that are offered by the state to its patients. The grounds as to why Mauritius can be chosen as a Medical Tourism finish have besides been set out. This subdivision wraps up with some information on the medical substructures available in Mauritius.

An overview of Medical Tourism in Mauritius

Many research workers call Mauritius, “ Charming Mauritius ” as even without any luck doing natural resources, it has the ability to make economic pillars maintain its development. In its portfolio, sugar production, fabric industry, offshore banking, touristry and ICT are included and now a new economic avenue looks approachable and it is called the Medical Tourism. With around 1000 medical tourers in 2005, making some 12,000 in 2011, BOI is aiming about 100,000 in 2020. “ Every ten old ages, as if by thaumaturgy, Mauritius has pulled out of the chapeau an economic pillar which has made of this island ‘the illustration ‘ to be emulated by African provinces ” ( Invest Mauritius 2011 ) .

Over, the past few old ages, Mauritius has experienced an addition in the reaching of international patients. Having batch of qualified physicians, medical forces and private clinics which are sophistically good equipped with the latest engineering, Mauritius is besides geographically good positioned to spread out its health care sector. As said by officers of BOI: “ Maurice is clearly on path to go the centre of excellence in medical specialty and a high-tech hub of Medical Tourism ” ( Muslim Times 2011 ) Medical Tourism is non a new construct in Mauritius as clinics have been handling tourers since 12 old ages. Medical Tourism is considered as a niche market for the touristry industry and go on to bloom due to the high service quality and intervention available in Mauritius. The monetary values of processs equal to one tierce of the European monetary values and this is one of the chief motivations for the high inflow of medical tourers. Furthermore, Mauritius has an upper manus on other states as apart from the nucleus medical services, medical tourers have the chance to pass their recuperation period in an idyllic surrounding.

The Mauritanian Government is non go forthing any rock unturned in its attempt to advance Medical Tourism. The most recent illustration lies in the Mauritanian National Budget 2012, whereby the authorization exempted VAT on decorative surgeries so as to do the cost of these processs more competitory. The expected reaction to this step is of class to hike the Medical Tourism activities.

As per BOI ‘s records, the medical sector in Mauritius contributed about 3.7 % of the GDP over the past four old ages and the growing rate in this sector in twelvemonth 2011 is 6.3 % as compared to 2010. The figure of medical work force is besides increasing to suit for the addition in demand for medical services. Figure below shows the alteration in the entire figure of medical staffs for the period 2006 to 2010 ( BOI study 2012 )

Figure: Increasing tendency of Healthcare specializer over the past 5 old ages

Beginning: invest Mauritius

Reasons for taking Mauritius as a Medical Tourism finish

Large web of professional private clinics

Political and societal stableness

Geographically good positioned

Most of the physicians or other medical phase are multilingual

State-of -art of medical installations

Direct flight from and to Mauritius

Compared to other states, Mauritius offers better intervention at lower monetary values

Latest development in term of engineering and substructure

Most of the physicians are trained in European states

Medical substructures in Mauritius

Mauritius is rather rich in footings of medical substructures. It besides encourages preparations of the medical professionals. Due to the friendly relationship that Mauritius has with other states, it benefits from the cognition of universities of states such as France, UK, China, Australia, Egypt, Russia amongst others. The handiness of health care substructures is illustrated in figure below.

Figure: Medical Infrastructures in Mauritius

( Beginning: BOI booklet )

Key drivers/ Players of Medical Tourism in Mauritius

A figure of cardinal players/drivers are present in Mauritius to guarantee the growing of Medical Tourism. Some has been listed below:

Apollo Bramwell Hospital ( ABH )

Fortis Darne Clinique

Clinique du Nord

Clinique de Greffe de Cheveux in Trou Aux Biches

Dent attention

Apollo Bramwell Hospital ( ABH )

ABH is the largest health care group in Asia. Since 2006, a subdivision has been implanted in Mauritius. ABH Mauritius is situated in the territory of Moka. This infirmary has been built in such a manner that it can make international criterion of patient attention. Under one roof itself, one can happen a infirmary equipped with superior engineering and good qualified medical expertness. It has been constructed to supply first category medical installations for both national and international patient. ABH Mauritius is the largest private infirmary in Mauritius and in the Indian Ocean. It has all the necessary demands in term of latest sophisticated medical equipment and expertness to bring around international patients. Its purpose is to guarantee that patients are provided with top quality services and safety all degree. Below is a list of medical services and progress engineerings offered by ABH:

The medical Servicess provided allocated to different divisions viz. :

Heart Centers

Department of Plastics and Cosmetic Surgeries

Department of dermatology

Department of physical therapy

Department of Paediatrics & A ; Neonatology

Department of alveolar consonant services

Department of rhinolaryngology

Super forte clinics and other Centers

Furthermore, the nosologies section is to the full equipped with the latest equipment and accomplishments technicians. This consists of:

Picture Archiving and Communication System ( PACS )

PACS engineering is now used by most of the top infirmaries of the universe. It is an machine-controlled and filmless information system for obtaining, forming, reassigning, lading and showing different types of medical descriptions consisting of X raies, MRI and endoscopy. With this debut, ABH are able to offer the uttermost criterions quality of services. PACS allows fast broadcast of images to physicians in critical countries therefore minimising holds in diagnosing.

Electronic Medical Record ( EMR )

EMR refers to electronically maintained online medical records which replace the heavy and cumbrous physical files of the past which were restricted in handiness. EMR can be accessed at multiple locations by multiple users for cut downing mistakes in medicine and holds in monitoring patients.

High Field Strength MRI

Magnetic Resonance Imaging ( MRI ) with Achieva 1.5T SE provides uncompromised quality in disputing applications like big field-of-view for abdominal and chest imagination, unvarying fat suppression in all anatomies and consistent off-center imagination, across patients of all highs and organic structure weight.

Whole Body MRI

Whole Body MRI is effectual for measuring the full skeleton in patients with suspected bone metastasis ( malignant neoplastic disease that spread to the bone from other parts of the organic structure ) in a individual imagination scan – and it merely takes between 15 and 19 proceedingss. Besides its truth and adeptness, the fact that it is an MRI scan agencies it is non-invasive and there is no radiation hazard to the patient. Whole Body MRI can besides observe metastases in other parts of the organic structure besides the castanetss, such as in encephalon, liver or lungs.

Therefore, it can be said with all its latest medical engineerings, ABH is good situated to go one of the most popular clinic in the Indian Ocean pulling medical tourers from African and European states

( Beginning: Apollo bramwell web site )

Clinique Fortis Darne

Clinique Fortis Darne is one of the oldest clinics but yet modern medical service supplier in Mauritius. Strategically situated in the Centre of the Island, Clinique Fortis Darne provides first category medical installations with the aid of progresss engineering. Clinique Fortis Darne has batch of specialised sections in assorted countries of health care. The vision of Fortis Darne is: “ To be a globally healthcare administration known for Clinical excellence and Distinctive Patient attention ” . The clinic offers panoply of incorporate services through different centres. Below are the lists of medical services that Fortis Darne offers

Table: Medical services offered by Fortis Darne

( Beginning: Fortis Darne Websites )

Clinique du Nord

At Clinique du Nord, Dr Mukesh Sookundun has been offering his services to Medical Tourists for the last past 12 old ages. It is a private clinic with epicurean suites. This clinic is situated near a white sand beach of Baie du Tombeau. Clinique du Nord has a squad of specializers, physicians, nurses and other trained staff. It is said that, they provide first category medical intervention to both their national and international patients. The specializers make usage of latest equipment and techniques. Clinique du Nord is one of the most reputable private infirmaries where there are international medical experts. Apart being the specializer in ENT, the infirmary is chiefly recognized for its medical installations that it provides to medical tourers. Hence, there are a broad figure of international patients who visit this Clinique. Below is the list of medical processs that Clinique du Nord offers ( Clinique du Nord Websites & A ; booklets )

Table: Medical intervention offered by Clinique du Nord

The Indian Ocean Hair Grafting, Cosmetic Dentistry and Plastic Surgery Centre

This clinic is situated near one of the most attractive beaches of Mauritius, viz. “ Trou aux Biches ” . It is said to be a five star centre for hair grafting, decorative and fictile surgeries. This peculiar Centre has 12 old ages of experience. It makes usage of the latest engineering and techniques. Most of the physicians are universe renowned professionals ( Indian Ocean hair grafting web sites )

Table: Medical Treatment offered by The Indian Ocean Hair Grafting, Cosmetic Dentistry and Plastic Surgery Centre

Dent Care

Dent Care is located in the garden of an old sugar cane mill at Labourdonnais ( Mapou ) in the northern portion of Mauritius. It is good known in the universe of decorative and dental surgeries. Most of the physicians are trained in France and United States. Most of them are bilingual. They make usage of the most up to day of the month engineering. It is said that intervention at Dent attention can be around 50 % less than in other states. Available medical services are:

Veneers and Crown

Ceramic Inlaies

Teeth Whitening

Plastic surgeries

( Beginning: Dent care web sites )

SWOT Analysis For Medical Tourism In Mauritius

The Strength, Weakness, Opportunities and Threat ( SWOT ) analysis is a utile technique and scheme for understanding strengths and failings and besides for placing both chances and Menaces that a concern can confront. A new entrant like Medical Tourism requires such analysis. This scheme will assist to hold a better thought on the place of Medical Tourism in Mauritius. This mechanism can therefore assist in the development of effectual and efficient selling schemes to advance Medical Tourism in Mauritius. The SWOT analysis for Medical Tourism has been designed as per tabular array below.

SWOT Analysis Table

Table: Swot Analysis


An intense research has been done to hold the latest interruption down on the reaching of Medical Tourists in Mauritius ; the research worker has received that of twelvemonth 2010, which has been illustrated below. However, an of import information refering twelvemonth 2011 was received following a study conducted on health care suppliers in Mauritius whereby BOI made the undermentioned statement “ Mauritius expects the figure of foreign patients seeking medical attention on the Indian Ocean island state to increase by 36 % in 2011 as compared to 2010 ” . The same beginning added that “ the figure may even increase to 15,000 and besides Mauritius has set itself a mark of pulling 100,000 foreign patients by 2020 ” . This will presumptively lend about $ 1 billion yearly to the economic system.

Figure: Number of foreign patients sing Mauritius in twelvemonth 2010

( Beginning: BOI study )

The above Pie-Chart illustrates the states from which patients are largely from and besides the figure of medical tourers landed in Mauritius in 2010. Mauritius does non merely have a patronage in the Indian Ocean but besides in France and UK, with 22 % of Europeans acknowledging our medical services. These figures show that, small by small, Mauritius is making an individuality of it being a medical touristry finish.

Figure: Medical Procedures undergone by foreign patients in 2010

( Beginning: BOI study )

Figure: Number of foreign patients seeking intervention in Mauritius during the period 2006 to 2010

( Beginning: BOI Survey )

Harmonizing to this graph, we can see that the reaching of International patients to Mauritius is so increasing. Hence, we can state that Mauritius seems to hold a bright hereafter in Medical Tourism.

Price comparings of common medical processs Sought

Table: Price comparing in US Dollars for decorative surgeries

Mauritius is largely sought by medical tourers for its decorative surgeries. In the position of holding an thought about the monetary value degrees of these decorative surgeries, the above tabular array has been worked out. The monetary value of six decorative surgeries have been looked up and compared with seven other states. The tabular array shows that on norm the charges in Mauritius are lower as compared to the other states. It besides looks that India can go a menace to Mauritius ( Source: BOI Brochure )

Table: Price comparing in US Dollars for Non- decorative surgeries

Ethical and Legal Issues

Medical Tourism is a turning phenomenon and it is a possible net income devising sector for an economic system. Despite the fact that there are many benefits of being treated on board such as low cost and quality wellness attention, there are besides some hazards that are associated with Medical Tourism. These hazards can be classified as legal and ethical issues.

There are major ethical jobs around Medical Tourism such as the illegal trading of variety meats and tissues for organ transplant. The World Health Organisation estimates that 10,000 illegal operations affecting human variety meats occur each twelvemonth ( The Guardian 2012 ) The illegal organ trade is the dark side of the otherwise legal Medical Tourism Industry ( The National, 2011 ) .

These illegal minutess have been suspected in China and India in 2007. Additionally, in 2008 a major job cropped up in Thailand where it was said that physicians were so bemused with foreign patients that they started pretermiting Thai patients. Furthermore, the quality of infirmaries and their staffs give rise to a large issues it can be hard to verify the makings of physicians and other medical staffs. Besides in some instances, patients may non be covered under their personal wellness insurance as insurance Torahs vary from state to state and therefore it becomes a job for them to pay for the wellness attention services undergone. Among the legion jobs related to Medical Tourism, we besides have the hazard of international patients going with infective diseases. Therefore, any state looking frontward to advance Medical Tourism must take into consideration all the facets environing this country ( Understanding Tourism 2008 )

Model Regulating Medical Tourism

Medical Tourism is said to see a dual growing, $ 100 billion in 2012 with a growing rate of 20 % to 30 % ( Times of India ) However, the absence of a planetary legal model is noticeable. As such, states sing Medical Tourism use their ain regulations and ordinances. To get down with in 2004, European-Union ( EU ) patients looking for health care in the EU provinces were requested to demo their European Health Insurance Card ( EHIC ) . This peculiar card has replaced the E111 signifier ( it is the old EU process guaranting patient ‘s reimbursement by the societal security of their place state ) and hence allowed the EU citizens the right of entree to healthcare in any EU member province. The services which they offered were hospitalization, physician audience, dental medicine and other services offered by the general wellness attention system within the EU merely and applicable merely to EU states.

Furthermore, there are states that have taken the inducement to present “ Medical Visas ” . This allows patients to go to a peculiar state for medical intervention and remain for the continuance of their intervention. For case, India has taken this enterprise. In add-on, to do the entree to medical installations by foreign patients easy, many private clinics are using for accreditation from the JCI.

Another state where Medical Tourism is turning is Thailand and it has introduced its ain regulations and ordinances. For illustration, processs for health care installations and licensing of medical physicians and other medical staffs are approved by the Ministry of Public and Health. In fact, the medical professional licensing is overseen by the Profession Commission of 19 members of different professions. The above illustrations show that there is no proper international government ordinance for Medical Tourism. As such each state tries to implement its ain model. Mauritius besides does non hold any regulations and ordinance regulating Medical Tourism.

Chapter Decision

This chapter is really rich in information on Medical Tourism. A figure of definitions as provided by different writers have been stated along with a short but really interesting history on Medical Tourism. It is evident that many states of the universe are concentrating on this value added merchandise and Mauritius is besides non dawdling behind. Over the past decennary there has been a mushrooming of healthcare service suppliers in Mauritius and the investors are really satisfied with the state of affairs. To back up this statement, testimony of foreign investors has been included in Appendix B. Furthermore, the writer has worked out a SWOT analysis to measure the deduction of this value added merchandise in Mauritius and has concluded by supplying some really utile information with respects to the legal issues and model modulating Medical Tourism.