a nurse is planning care for a client who is scheduled to undergo ESWL for urolithiasis.which of the following actions should the nurse plan to take? the client in semifowlers pos
b.assist with the client intubation
c.begin 24hr urine collection
d.apply electrodes for cardiac monitoring
d. apply electrode for cardiac monitor
for continuous monitoring of the client’s cardiac rhythm during the procedures. it allows the provider to deliever shock waves that are synchronized with the R wave
urine shuld be strained after procedure
assist with moderate sedation
patietn should be supine
a nurse is reviewing the med records of four clients. which of the following conditions is a risk factor for chronic pyelonephritis?
c.peptic ulcer disease
d.gallbladder disease
b.DM due to reduced bladder tone
expected labs for a client with AKI
BUN 30 elevated
uo 40ml in past 3 hr. oliguria uo 100 to 400 mL 24 hr
hematocrit 30% level decreased
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A nurse is caring for a client who has viral pneumonia and a history of COPD. Which of the following findings should the nurse report to the provider?
a.Consolidation in lower lobes by chest x-ray
b.Left shift in the WBC differential
c.Oxygen saturation 91%
d.Orthostatic hypotension
b.A left shift in the WBC differential indicates that the pneumonia is of bacterial origin, rather than viral. The nurse should report this finding to the provider.

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