Mis Quiz 1

MULTIPLE CHOICE. Choose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question. 1) The failure of NASA’s initial solution to preventing the space shuttle shedding foam illustrates:

1) _______ A) the need to prepare for measuring outcomes of a business solution. B) the need to quickly adapt to new technological innovations. C) the continuous nature of problem solving. D) the importance of training employees on new business processes. ) In choosing the best solution for a business problem, one of the most important considerations is:

2) _______ A) outcome measurement. B) existing resources and skills. C) employee training. D) change management. 3) Converting raw data into a more meaningful form is called:

3) _______ A) capturing. B) processing. C) feedback. D) organizing. 4) The final step in the four-step model of business problem solving is:

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Mis Quiz 1
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4) _______ A) feedback. B) implementation. C) outcome. D) change management. ) Inadequate database capacity is an example of the ________ dimension of business problems.

5) _______ A) management B) technology C) people D) organizational 6) Operations management as a discipline is directly relevant to three occupational categories:

6) _______ A) project managers, production managers, and administrative service managers. B) industrial production managers, operations analysts, and administrative service managers. C) project managers, production managers, and industrial production managers. D) finance, accounting, and management.

7) Which of the following statements is not true? 7) _______ A) The most common and successful offshore outsourcing projects involve production programming and system maintenance programming work, along with call center work. B) The fear that offshore outsourcing will reduce demand for new information system hires in the U. S. is mitigated by the fact that reduced IT expenditures results in increased IT investments and the creation of domestic jobs.

C) The impact of domestic IT outsourcing has been very disruptive to some regional areas of the U. S. D) Inflation in Indian wages for technology work is leading to a counter movement of jobs back to the United States.

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8) To make sure they stock clothes that their customers will purchase, a department store implements a new application that analyzes spending levels at their stores and cross-references this data to popular clothing styles. This is an example of using information systems to support a business strategy of: 8) _______ A) survival. B) customer and supplier intimacy. C) improved decision making. D) new products, services, and business models.

9) Maintaining the organization’s financial records is a business function of: 9) _______ A) sales B) marketing. C) finance D) accounting. 10) Journalist Thomas Friedman’s description of the world as “flat” referred to:

10) ______ A) the flattening of economic and cultural advantages of developed countries. B) the growth of globalization. C) the use of the Internet and technology for instantaneous communication. D) the reduction in travel times and the ubiquity of global exchange and travel.

11) Verizon’s implementation of a Web-based digital dashboard to provide managers with real-time information such as customer complaints is an example of: 11) ______ A) improved decision-making. B) improved flexibility. C) customer and supplier intimacy. D) improved efficiency.

12) The move of retail banking to use ATMs after Citibank unveiled its first ATMs illustrates the information system business objective of: 12) ______ A) competitive advantag B) customer and supplier intimacy. C) improved efficiency. D) survival.

13) Based on your reading of the case discussing mobile handhelds, Doylestown Hospital’s use of iPhones is an example of using information systems to enhance which of the following generic business objectives? 13) ______ A) Improved decision making B) New products, services, and business models C) Survival D) Customer and supplier intimacy

14) An information skill important for an accounting major would be: 14) ______ A) an understanding of product management enterprise systems. B) an understanding of enterprise systems that enhance leadership. C) an understanding of supplier management enterprise systems. D) an understanding of system and network security issues.

15) As discussed in the chapter opening case, the Yankees’ use of information systems in their new stadium can be seen as an effort to achieve which of the primary business objectives? 15) ______ A) Operational excellence B) Survival C) Improved decision making D) Customer and supplier intimacy 1) C 2) B 3) B 4) B 5) B 6) B 7) C 8) B

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