Modern world history chapter 20 section 3

Modern world history chapter 20 section 3

Atlantic slave trade*
Became a massive enterprise

The buying and selling of Africans for work in the Americas

Original slavery with Muslims
Most Africans had some legal rights and opportunities for social mobility

Could escape their bondage by marrying into the family

Why did Spain import slaves
To work on plantations and in gold and silver mines
Why did the Portuguese import slaves
For cheap labor to work in sugar fields
Triangular trade*
Africans were transported to the Americas on this trading network

It went from Europe (with goods) to Africa

Then from Africa (with slaves) to North America

From North America (with raw goods) to Europe again

The middle passage*
It was considered the middle leg of the trans Atlantic triangle trade

Very cruel

Many African-Americans died

How could slaves resist work
Breaking tools

Uprooting plants

Working slowly

Having cultures such as language and music