Most Significant Immediate Consequences of the Civil War

Most Significant Immediate Consequences of the Civil War

First of all, the freedom of slaves led to dilemmas concerning housing, clothing, food, employment; the financial difficulties which led to having no money, closure of banks, inadequacy of supply of basic commodities, destruction of railroads and bridges, devastation of plantation and crops; as well as, the defeat of the confederacy which consequently resulted in the South not having any government at all (Effects., 2006). The aforementioned direct consequences were very important because it established the country’s “Reconstruction” (Effects.., 2006).

In turn, the “Reconstruction” made the following possible: 1) setting up of schools, 2) repairing of bridges and roads, 3) rebuilding of bridges, 4) repealing of the Black Codes, 5) setting up of new state constitutions that gave the right for men to vote, and 6) creation of new state constitutions that protected a person from being brought to prison for debt, etc (Encarta, 2007). Second, the Civil War gave rise to innovative technologies like: the harvester that Cyrus Mc Cormick invented, the oil refinery of John d. Rockefeller, etc (Effects.., 2006).

It also augmented production because of the slaves that were freed, the devastation of the South, as well as, the confederacy being conquered (Effects.., 2006). Last but not least, women were given the chance to play the roles that they do not typically assume, for instance, farmers, factory workers, etc (Encarta, 2007).  This clearly defined gender roles and upheld gender equality (Encarta, 2007).

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Most Significant Immediate Consequences of the Civil War
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The Most Important Consequence

For me, the most important consequence of the Civil War is the third one. The fact that these women needed to assume the roles of men made people see that women can also do what men can (Encarta, 2007). This ended gender discrimination and led to gender equality (Encarta, 2007). It also contributed largely to the end of slavery (Encarta, 2007). Thus, it is the most important.


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