Music Appreciation Pt 3 Ch 1-3.

One of the most revolutionary periods in music history was the
early baroque.
The early baroque was characterized by
homophonic texture.
The middle baroque was characterized by
diffusion of the style into every corner of Europe.
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Music Appreciation Pt 3 Ch 1-3.
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A popular keyboard instrument in which sound was produced by means of brass blades striking the strings was the
Affections in baroque usage refers to
emotional states or moods of music.
The most characteristic feature of baroque music is the
basso continuo.
Terraced dynamics refers to
a sudden change between loud and soft.
In the baroque period, the ordinary citizen’s opportunities for hearing music usually came from the
Frederick the Great, King of Prussia, was a
flutist, composer, & a general.
In Italy, music schools were often connected with
A large court during the baroque period might employ about ___ performers.
The music director of a court in the baroque period
supervised and directed the musical performances, composed much of the music required for performances, & was responsible for the upkeep of the instruments and music library.
A small group of soloists is pitted against a larger group of players in a
concerto grosso.
The structure of the concerto grosso most often consists of ___ movements.
3. fast, slow, fast.
A ritornello is a
In ritornello form
tutti & solo sections alternate.
In a concerto grosso, the second movement is most often
the quietest & most lyrical.

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