My Identity/My School

I am a unique individual who enjoys the beauty of nature. I appreciate the things around me. Living life to the fullest is what I am up to; thus giving inspiration to others by treating them fairly regardless of their race and traditions make me fulfilled. Like other individuals, I am a sociable person who enjoys meeting new set of people. Meeting and knowing others’ personality is a great privilege and I find them helpful in making myself a better individual.

As the saying goes “no one is an island”, so meeting another people gives me more ideas and views of what life is. There are times when I encounter difficulties in life, I immediately think that life is not worth living for but when I meet people whose problems are so complicated, that is the time I compare my situation to them and realize that I am blessed and I should not give up and quit immediately because there is always a solution in every problem. In addition, since humans compose of body, soul and spirit, I make sure that I do not only feed my body with supplements to make it strong but as well as my spirit.

I strongly believe that my soul needs something in order to grow and live. I make sure to attend the Sunday church and not only that, I also read the word of God because that is the food of our soul. Going to church and have fellowship with my brothers and sisters in the Lord makes my week complete. I know I can face another week because I am strengthened not just physically but spiritually. On the other hand, in order to make myself active, I too indulge into different kinds of sports that can help me strong physically. I find sports very interesting because it does not only energize my body but it quickens my mind in how to play the game.

The more I play; the good techniques and strategies creep in my mind especially if I play the sports with my family. I just like being with them. It is a good feeling to be with your love ones. No amount of money can measure or compare if your family is intact and having a good time all together as one. Playing sports is one of the ways we can bond each other as family. Further more, since I am an administrator (assistant principal) it is my philosophy to educate every student regardless of their backgrounds; thus, each one of them can learn more and be the most equip student if just given by the government the proper tools of technology, has a place conducive for learning, and safe environment.

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My Identity/My School
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Ethnic Identity:

Aside from being an educator, I am an African American with strong beliefs about helping my fellow African American brothers and sisters as well as other ethnic groups that I encounter. Helping others by educating them is such a noble work. I would like to have them good education as I have. Giving them good education can make them competitive in every endeavor they are in. It does not mean that I am an African American I cannot already do the things which others do. In fact, my ethnicity is not a hindrance to be a successful educator. My ethnicity is not an issue in making me successful in life.

I want other people realize especially those who look themselves as inferior to stand firm of what they believe in. I would like to inspire them that through education, they can make their lives fruitful and success is just on their hands if they will continue in educating themselves. Moreover, I would like to inculcate to the young learners that good education is the only wealth our parents leave that nobody can snatch or steal it away from us. Moreover, I would inspire them by telling them that our status and ethnicity in life cannot hinder our dreams to have good education and to be educated.

School Community:

The school I hope to create is a place that is safe and conducive for all learners. I want that school to be well-equip with materials related to the learning areas of the students. Since school activities are social activities, we must look into the routine found in adult society as a guide in laying the basis for routine in classroom organization and control. Much of the details of providing a good work space can be routinized. There should be a place where to put things out of the way, and everyone in the room should know where each thing goes. Routine should merely aid, in setting before the pupils, opportunities for educational experience. The ability to set up routine and to conform properly to it is in itself a worthwhile and necessary outcome of education.

The complexity of the modern school, system calls for more routinization of our classroom procedure. It is, therefore, exceedingly important for the teacher to determine what classroom activities should be routinized and made into habits. The teacher will find the task much easier if the pupils are brought to see and understand fully the value of routine. Likewise, he should make it a point he wishes to develop.

Certain classroom activities should be conducted in the most effective way to allow more time for essential learning activities. It is therefore necessary that daily activities can be turned into habits to facilitate speed and avoid waste of time. This is time-and-nerve-saving, and it is also good education

Routinizing certain activities has a further value in that it prevents confusion and saves time. Confusion reduces the effectiveness of learning activities. Routinizing also aids in keeping the attention of the pupils upon their work. The following should make up routine activity. If considering discipline the teacher must remember that he is constantly faced with two behavior problems—one is the problem of what to do to take care of the immediate situation. This is the one tow which the teacher typically gives relative overemphasis.

The other problem is the one of visualizing the long-time behavior patterns that the teacher is trying to develop in the learner. The learner must also be helped to organize long-time needs and goals and also visualize the behaviors that are likely to help him achieve these goals. In not only to plan present behavior to meet day by day situations, but must also have a vision of the goals of his behavior in the future that will be most satisfying. Teachers must help learners practice using both immediate and remote consequences, particularly the latter since these are more difficult to see.












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