My personality

In the beginning I had a hard time to composed myself and thinking about how to start this essay. Until I found myself searching for my pen and a pad of paper and started to write of things that I have done in my existence.

Oftentimes I find myself staring at something I don’t even see. But I can see something more imaginative on the screen of my mind. But what do I really think of? I think of my family, friends, my girlfriends, and the people of my past and the people of my future. Later on when I get back to the real world, I realized how much time I have wasted.

But later still I want to reminisce, and think again of many things, both pleasant and unpleasant. I realized that whether they are pleasant or unpleasant they are still worth thinking of. They don’t make any difference for they serve the same purpose in shaping me for what I am now.

I was born from a Christian family and grew up with God-fearing and God-loving person. On this year Thanksgiving Day, I will be celebrating my 18th birthday. We are five in the family; I have a sister and a brother who are very supportive to me. My family is the epitome of prominence that gives me the thought of living a wonderful life for they are very understanding and always there for me no matter what.

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My personality
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I have the reasons to be proud of my self because I have my family, my friends, and my girlfriend. I can sweep you off your feet with my debonair and gentlemanly ways, but hands off, single girls, I’m happily taken. You can just catch glimpses when I’m around. I’m actually sensible and quite perceptive. I am a very frank person but sometimes a smooth talker; I can make you believe that pigs have wings. However, I am a considerate person who possesses one of those smiles that make you forget all your troubles. My friends would tell me that I am a nice person. After all, if I weren’t nice, I won’t have many friends.

A very hardworking person you can see in me and with high expectations to every people I meet. Despite my disposition, I can be easily approach. Some of you may see me in mid-stride, overwhelming with an air of super cool confidence but digging deeper into my persona, you will find that I am the 3’s: serious, sensitive, and sentimental. You should not base your judgment on your first impression because once you get to know me deeper; your first impression won’t last.

I am most determined to be like my father or better than him, who like him is very responsible of his family. Who has a lovely wife; my mom, and wonderful three children. Soon as I got my bachelors degree, I will be handling one of the family’s businesses with the dignity to continue and make it bigger for a better future.

In the hurry scurry of the everyday life, we still find time to reminisce our childhood years and that makes us smile. Life is full of beautiful things: soft sunsets, painted rainbows, delicate blossoms, love and laughter, quiet moments and good friends like I have. Friends everyone should have. They enjoys being with me, accepts me for who I am, and is faithful when the chips are down. We’ve gone through a lot of difficulties that friends usually going through but still we are together. We would travel jointly and have some fun. On weekends and whenever we feel to, we would play golf, or go skiing or yet get involve in fishing. You know when you are up, your friends know who you are and when you are down, you know who your friends are. We are like siblings and a family.

50 years from now, I’d be so old or else I might not be physically present here anymore. Whatever it may be, I might forget them, or might not remember ever knowing them or might forget that I once cared for them, I might but I won’t, because they are my friends whom I can let into the house when I am turning out drawers.

Releted essay – An Empty Purse Frightens Away Friends

For one million memories, for one hundred thousand inside jokes, for ten thousand great times, for one hundred secrets there is only one reason: we are friends.

A large part of my person was telling me to let go and choose the safe way out. My friends would tell me that wits rule over the idiocy of the heart. I believed them. The problem was that my soul seemed to have a mind of its own and refused to see reason. I used to be a player, a great player not until I met Christi.

It was late Wednesday morning I was too busy listening to the radio when a friend invited me out. I went to the meeting place and grabbed a chair sat next to this beautiful girl. A little while, we were having a chat. I was star stricken and almost forgot that I was going to meet instead my good old friend. Later on, we became close. At times, he would join my friends and me for lunch or snack and she would then insist that I eat with her friends as well.

One day, I just realized that i am falling in love with her. There are times that I think I was falling out of love. But whenever that happens, something would happen; someone would come along and tell things about her as if implying that she feels the same way too.  And somehow my dying feelings would be restored to life.

She may seem to be the answer to all the prayers and wishes I have made for the last seventeen years of my existence-for me to find that someone who would manage to complete this weary soul and tame this heart who used to play with girls.

I was then too scared to allow her to come into my life. I have suffered enough disappointments. I want the person I will give my heart and soul to would be worth all the pain and sacrifices.

One night, as I sat in front of the altar, I was trying to recall everything that happened from the first time we talked up to the day we had watched a movie.

I knew by the end of that day that she was the one. Hearing her talk about life, seeing how interested she was in what I had to say, my heart has finally found home.

I like the way she value the people he love. I envy the way she would look certainly at life. I value the way she shows her concern not only to me but also to everyone she meets. She is the only girl I know who can manage to be composed under difficulty. And she wouldn’t judge nor preach, the way she just look at me straight in the eyed tell me in not so many words that she understand me completely and that her whole being is there to catch me when I fall.

In short, I love her.

I love her for the entire she is, for all that she stands for and believe in. she is worth every tear I have shed. I choose to love her through all the days of my life. I thank her for making me realized that life isn’t just about playing. I now understand what love is-Christi.

They are the people who have always been my inspiration in living life to the fullest. My family, friends, and Christi motivated me and have molded me for what I am now. No life could be better than living it according to one’s desires with respect to success and good reputation. I don’t let the day passed without telling them that I care and love them. I always cherish the day with them.

In developing my personality, I just don’t only need my whole self but the people around me have got something to do to of how I had grown up. And thanks to them that I know I am a better person now because of them. My life wouldn’t be as fulfilled as like now if not because of my determination to make up from my incomprehensible perplexity. There’s always a better outlook.

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