My position with flatworld

In this third era of globalization described by Thomas Friedman, the world has shrank from small to tiny and made it a flat playing field.  It is not about nations and states that compete globally but individuals doing research to create the best software in line with the fiber optic technology and broadband. Suddenly, a person from Los Angeles is talking to his product manufacturer in Cebu, Philippines through video chat and almost in real time. The best news for everyone is that this technology is getting better and more affordable so everyone may have access. The world is breaking barriers so a person who wants to excel in the field of information system and technology must have prudence and cunning to be the best in the field.

The existing convention of our system information engineers in the corporate business includes the analyses of operations, inventory, salary, and etcetera. To conquer the field in a more competitive ground, one must be able to look at the world’s convention, its potential and be able to predict. In other words, one has to have foresight.

I am currently interested in furthering studies and research in Geographical Information system. “It is a system for capturing, storing, analyzing and managing data and associated attributes which are spatially referenced to the earth. In the strictest sense, it is a computer system capable of integrating, storing, editing, analyzing, sharing, and displaying geographically-referenced information. In a more generic sense, GIS is a tool that allows users to create interactive queries (user created searches), analyze the spatial information, edit data, maps, and present the results of all these operations” (

I believe that the world has to have a bigger layout of the existing environment so one would be able to make a good feasibility study and ultimately a good decision. The competition in this line of project and business is yet scarce, in fact one has to invest so much for a universal GIS to be used anywhere in the world. My vision would be to create a language for the GIS to make it universal. Germany, China and other countries have developed their own GIS yet it would not be understandable or would need a translation for another person in Greece, for example, to read it.

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My position with flatworld
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Perhaps, this system would get be more valuable for everyone if a Universal Platform GIS will be available to everyone.  I will have to start mapping in the United States territory first, in my own country where I will be able to create a good market and then expand in the real world setting. The more data there is in the GIS system which must include the people, animals and plants (read: the GIS system should not be limited to infrastructures and highways alone) the more it is attractive to the market. The more information, the more the system will be useful for every person in every field.

My idea is to use the existing network of Information System schools and universities and create a database of demography, topography, ecosystem, field engineering, infrastructures, highways and even waterways. This information will be mapped in the Universal Platform GIS and create a multi-dimensional overlay that is user-friendly, even a grade-schooler will be able to operate it.

Although the main idea is to market it to corporate investors and larger business scales from farming, to food chains, to manufacturers and even foresters, an ordinary person would still be ale to use it in his own car, for example, where it would work like a “telenav” device (maps out a certain locality based on network provider) but with more overlays. Of course, with the Universal Platform GIS, it will be able to create a customized program which is web-based that a person that would not be so technical would be empowered to use the system without any qualms.

In a businessman’s benefit, for example, where he wishes to invest on creating a Mc Donald outlet in the suburbs in India, he would only log-in to my website with his username and password and the needed information on the demographics in a suburb in New Delhi would be available. Information, like the number of potential customers because the target customers of the food outlet would be children, adolescents and young adults, he would know the potential market in the area. He would also be equipped with the average income of the people and the potential market and profit.

A good area on where to position the infrastructure would be available upon further research in the area because the database would also include a good topography which is multi-dimensional. Sources of supplies for the product would be available for the customer since a list of businesses in the area and nearest farms are available in the website.  To make this universal platform more friendly, a customer service representative is available 24/7 for any questions that he may need about the area and a person in the locality, who would be very familiar with the area will answer his questions.

Another application would be a person in the University of Texas doing his research on a remote area in Africa, he would need information about the number of grasslands, the number of forest lands and the number of desert land in the area. Aside from that, the researcher would also be able to find an updated inventory of the number of flora and fauna in the area because the business of Universal Platform GIS would include a yearly subscription for updates on a specific area.

An accurate number of plants and animals would be available for the customer depending on his existing need. My system is connected to any existing credible groups in the area so that an expert would also be available in the area for any specific questions that might need a real person’s answer. So, a real-time expert’s opinion would be available for the university researcher for more precise information. Therefore, information in the research would be exact and much updated.

A French person in Guatemala who is trapped in the middle of nowhere who is having an asthma attack would just need to hit an emergency care button on her online Universal Platform GIS and she would be able to see the nearest rescue service in her area. She will be given information on estimated time of arrival of any rescue service as well as she can monitor through her mobile phone screen where the rescue services are already through the artificial intelligence that is incorporated in the system. His anxieties would also be lessened because of the continuous update on his rescue service is also available.

A client would feel safe and secure anywhere he would be in the world even if language obviously is a barrier.  The program will be able to transcend from any existing obstacle because it is customized already to the needs and the personality of the person using it.

In this line of business ownership, one must be able to maintain the security systems of the software so potential hackers would not be able to bug the system. Since the software is web-based, a pool of experts is also partners in the service to continuously monitor the safekeeping of the information and its management. The system must have a login protocol for authentication so that the information would be protected.  This should also be continuously updated with the systems of each user so that they would also feel secure with the information that they are getting.

The future of the Information System in business should be equipped with foresight that should keep all data in any given environment and locality is available for everyone’s use. The startup of the GIS would be very costly; however, the business side of it is endless.

To be able to keep the line of business, my next role would be to continuously update the system. The more information there is available, the more appeal it would be for every potential person in the market.


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