Negotiation Tactics

Negotiation Tactics


The influx of illegal immigrants in the US has triggered numerous debates. These debates have brought about numerous reactions in relations to the legal viability of most immigrants within the US. Being a legal issue the attorneys general of two countries engage in a heated debate trying to come up with a lasting rational solution.

Two characters (Attorneys general) engage a heated debate the issue of contention is that should illegal immigrants already in the US be given amnesty?  The Mexican attorney general is for the views that there are immigrants who have come over legally. The US attorney general has an intention of deporting all the immigrants from the country. The two engage each other in competitive and collaborative slicing style of negotiation. This is meant to split the difference effect on the weak and innocent.

The negotiation concept began as a communication style in which the Mexican attorney general pays visit in the US attorney general’s chambers; the two would barter with a subject in an effort to resolve a situation peacefully planned negotiation tactics are most likely to succeed in planned political arena. The negotiating scene commences when the foreign attorney general visits the US Attorney General.

US attorney general: Prescreening applications of immigrants should taken strictly and  complete background checked. This crisis takes about 4 hours negotiation. A carefully time framed tactical negotiation is presented. Illegal immigrants have necessitated increased cases of crime in the US.

Mexican attorney general: The year 2005 million of people staged a demonstration against the bill of sending home then illegal immigrants. Melanie Lugo one if the marchers said, “we are the backbone of what America is, legally or illegal, it doesn’t matter.” This means that sending home the illegal immigrants will lead to the collapse of your economy. Illegal immigration therefore has bad and good results. They pay their taxes to your country.

US attorney general: Most of suspects arrested by the FBI officers are illegal immigrants of which most of them are found to engage in this underground dealings of terrorism and drug trafficking. We can not afford to give the terrorism incidences fictional accounts since they have happened. The FBI defines terrorism as the unlawful use of force or violence against persons or property to intimidate or coerce a government, civilian populations, or any segment thereof, in furtherance of political or social goals.

As a country we can not compromise the security of the many people (millions) to a few individuals in the name of individuals. The essential emphasis is how to confront the incidences of law breaking through the law enforcement. To our best knowledge there are no any other suitable ways of containing the situations. Therefore we should draw a clear line between common myth and factual knowledge that has been research on planned negotiates.

Mexican attorney general:  remember that as you consider this case there immigrants who have come in legally. How will it be possible to deport them? US attorney general: Further the growing number of immigrants is a great burden to the country’s economy especially in the provision of jobs, housing and healthy facilities. This many immigrants are bound to erode the cultural values of our country. Since most of the immigrants come form Mexico, the US ahs built a wall along the Mexican border.

Mexican attorney general: The illegal immigrants to the US have an economic value to your country as most of this immigrants are hardworking thus providing necessary power that is on high demand. For instance these illegal immigrants work in industries that produce goods for the countries economic growth.

US attorney general: Dangers posed by the illegal immigrants has necessitated the introduction new strict policies in the department of migration. This is part of effective management of the crisis. The illegal immigrants in the US as per the year 2006 have been approximated to be rise up to 11 million people. These illegal immigrants avoid giving information related to census.

As such the US Border patrol union local 2544 in Tucson, Ariz 2006 reports that  the total number son illegal immigrants in the US today is between 12 million and 15 million.  Almost all these people crossed the borders illegal and this means that the government lacks their administrative records. Some other people staying in the US have mixed statuses for an instance a child born in the US is considered to a US citizen even if it is a child of an illegal immigrant.

Mexican attorney general: I note that various bills have been by the congress to provide for

legalization and amnesty of those present in the country and this a suitable way of controlling illegal immigration. In this procedure your duty shall be to put new polices in place to control the illegal immigrants. Are you supporting the America dream?

US attorney general: For the foreseeable future both domestic and international terrorism is a major concept of and will be a major concern of the US Government and law enforcement agencies. It is in this view I propose that all illegal immigrants should be vacated from the US. The concern for terrorism as a critical issue to US requires that all necessary action should be taken. Remember most of these illegal immigrants engage themselves in the illegal businesses such as drug trafficking, illegal arms which are a great threat to the US. This is therefore our way forward.


We have come to an affirmative action that immigrants are important in the country. My major point of contention is to put in place the legalization procedure. The US affirms that the illegal immigrants pose a security threat to the country now that the country had experience terrorist bombing of September 11, 2001. The suggestion of deportation of the illegal immigrants can now be neutralized. Suitable immigrants’ policy for the new comers shall be put in place.

After the negotiation there is hope for those illegal immigrants who had already entered the country. But there was pessimism for anybody wishing to enter US illegally as the policies to be instituted will be strict. We have signed a policy structure document with the Mexican attorney general (whose country contributes many of the illegal immigrants) that accredits terms and conditions that shall favor the good relationship between the countries. After signing the visiting American attorney general leaves the office briskly with good glittering smiles. The agreement arrived herein are through voluntary negotiations.


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