New technology

New technologies that are being developed by the minute provide great convenience to today’s people. Indeed, it is difficult to imagine going about one’s daily tasks without the help of new technologies. Thus, every aspect of modern living, such as transportation, education, banking, manufacturing, and communication depend on modern technologies. Aside from the conveniences brought about by newly developed technologies, there is a host of opportunities that come along with these technologies.

However, alongside the various technologies that make modern living easier, serious dangers and threats are also being developed, either consciously or otherwise. These threats are often posed against the security of information, and commonly consist of viruses and worms. Certain criminal and immoral acts that have been committed as a response to new technologies, such as information theft, also pose a threat to the safety of data.

These threats come in various forms, and can range from simple delays and additional cost to graver consequences such as theft of money and other property. Worse, the dangers brought about by new technology could lead to blackmail and revelation of trade secrets. These dangers pose serious threat, not only to individuals, but more importantly, to institutions, businesses, and the government. Confidential information that is obtained without authority from government sites could produce dire consequences.

The government, because of its role in society, necessarily keeps loads of information about its citizens, its agencies, and its national security. These data are kept by the government to serve its various roles as protector of society and provider of basic needs and services. These data are also made available to the government because of its unique position, and are not meant to be made available to everyone. If vital information is leaked or brought into the hands of the wrong people, there is no limit to the kind of damage that can arise.

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Those individuals and organizations that are concerned with keeping their files private should take steps to protect their computer systems. Thus, there should be systems or individuals whose task it would be to protect computer systems and files from unauthorized access or from viruses.

These reasons are the primary reasons why new courses are being offered in colleges and universities nowadays, which courses aim to train people on the business of ensuring the safety of computer information. One such field of specialization is called information assurance.

The recent developments in information and computer technology and the resulting negative effects in the safety of businesses, institutions, and governments give rise to various opportunities to information assurance professionals. The field of information assurance involves people, policies, procedures, and computer equipment and programs that aim to protect information and computer systems.

The development and proliferation of new viruses and worms and the discovery of new techniques of obtaining information without authority challenge information assurance professionals to similarly develop new ways of dealing with the risks and threats. Moreover, there is a continuing challenge to professionals in this field to evolve as fast as the other side is evolving. Information assurance professionals must always be prepared to counteract whichever step is taken by people who want to destroy existing computer infrastructure.

Thus, there is always a challenge to information assurance professionals to be able to provide information as they are needed by the end users, maintain the integrity of the information, ensure the authenticity of information through verification methods, maintain the confidentiality of information, and provide proof of the integrity and origin of data.

The growing complexity of computer infrastructure and the increased use and dependence on computer systems all over the world made information assurance a necessity.  The duties of an information assurance, consisting mainly of closing loopholes that may be used by unscrupulous hackers, are exciting and interesting.

Thus, it has become my heart’s desire to study information assurance so that I may learn the fundamentals of computer infrastructure. I want to learn how to create, develop, and maintain a system of checks and quality controls that could help organizations protect their valuable and confidential data. I want to be at the forefront of the fight against dishonorable abuses of the computing technology. I want to be an expert in detecting and controlling any unauthorized intrusion to an organization’s computer infrastructure. This way, I am able to serve a vital role in society, that of protecting privacy and integrity of valuable information.

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