News Analysis

This article by Caren Bohan is entitled “Clinton, Obama prepare for battle in Wisconsin.” The newsworthiness of the piece has been determined by the fact that it immediately concerns the American people. It also involves proximate issues that have to do with the up-coming presidential elections and is concerned with the selection of the two persons who will vie for the presidency later in this year. The conflict level of the situation is high. Hilary Clinton, who had been in the lead for the democratic candidacy, has now lost that lead as Obama has recently won in eight states in a row (Bohan 2008).

The story, found on a Canadian website ( is placed in the world news section as a high-priority story. This has been determined by the fact that as a close neighbor who shares a border, the political news that highly concerns United States citizens is also of great concern to the readers of this news site. The headline is clear and to the point, depicting precisely the next step in the battle between the two candidates.

The image of Barack Obama is found within the article, and is well-placed at the top. Another image, one of Hilary Clinton, is also readily accessible by clicking on links associated with “more pictures” (Bohan, 2008). The candidates’ business in Wisconsin is given in detail, but only Hilary Clinton is strictly quoted in the article, as it was indicated that Obama tried to avoid the press. However, quotations are given concerning Obama’s business as identified by his spokesman Bill Burton.

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Bohan, Caren. “Clinton, Obama prepare for battle in Wisconsin.” where    perspectives connect. Canwest Publishing.

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