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Advertising is an impersonal selling and communication method which makes use of various types of media to reach the target public in short time. Advertising aims at gaining exposure, creating awareness, changing attitudes of target customers in favor of sponsors product and services and also at effecting sales and improving corporate image.

Media Selection for No. 1 match
Media planning includes decisions relating to which media should be used and when and how often should advertisements be placed in the selected media. The basic purpose of media planning is to optimize the communication reach to the relevant audience within the available budget. Effective and efficient adverting rests on decisions based on collecting data from appropriate internal and external sources.

a)      Press (including all types of newspapers and magazines): wider circulation, limited life, good for mass communication and reminder message.

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b)      Direct Mail: Restricted circulation, flexible usage, private in nature, high impact.

c)      Outdoor (including hoardings, posters, neon signs): local circulation, durable,
reminder media.

d)     Radio: Wide reach, cuts through illiteracy barriers, quick reminder messages possible.

e)      Television: Combines both Audio and Visual, limited reach, high degree of viewers
involvement, suitable for product demonstration.

f)       Miscellaneous (such as exhibition/fairs): Local reach, good product demonstration, impactful response.

Promotion: It is through Budget, theme, media, timing. If major resources are to be committed, plan for measurement of promotional effectiveness should be include feedback from the market place,
marketing research. Like products and prices, customization of advertising and promotion are very much possible in cyber marketing. Besides customization, the customer is contacted when he is giving full attention to the website. In fact, when a customer views any site he has done so after deliberate and conscious effort and choice. This increases his commitment to the message that he is viewing on the internet.

It generates a hierarchy of impacts like creation of awareness, interest, desire and action on the consumer. Internet has been found to be amenable to finer tuning for most of these impacts. As a result, it is possible to better transport the customer from one level of impact to the next higher one and do so more quickly. The combination of this factor with the feature of individualization makes the output very powerful.

Direct Marketing

All corporate marketing activities have to be necessarily carried out in such a way that they lead to generation of surplus funds. Market segmentation helps in optimising the marketing mix for a segment.

The output of a segmentation analysis is a profile of customer target group focusing on details that will best help to develop product, promotional, pricing and distribution strategies.

The set of benefits sought to build the configuration of benefits sought and then select benefits in our offering that will constitute a critical advantage to act as the buying inducement. Segmentation of a market is not an arbitrary process, but neither is there a unique set of segments to be discovered. The two approaches, top down and bottom up (logical division and offering) which are used for breaking up.

Public Relations

measuring the degree of success of a public relations campaign or improving the response of personnel in

Measuring performance against standards

Measurement of performance against standards should ideally be a forward-looking or on proactive basis with a view to detecting deviations in advance of their occurrences, and should be avoided by appropriate corrective action ‘in advance’. The project manger can often predict probable perceive much ahead of schedule, it should be uncovered as early as possible.


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