Nursing as a career

Nursing as a profession has fascinated me as a child.  I derive a lot of inner satisfaction in helping people, especially the sick, the needy and elderly people.  I do feel happy once I am able to observe the reaction and the gratefulness they suggest to me in their own humble way, once they have received help.  I consider this to be the most beautiful thing about the nursing profession.  I feel that nursing is a combination of science and technology, and the art of caring.

I was able to witness the distinctiveness of nursing frequently, when a family member or a friend was admitted in a nursing care facility.  I felt that the nurses who provided care did a great job.  They were able to give all the love and affection to their patients, which really helped quicken recovery.  Frequently, patients who received care admired their nurses for developing a positive attitude and relationship during their stay in the hospital.  This according to me is the greatest reward that nurses get for their work.

Nurses develop a bonding with their patients within a very short period, through interactions and common emotions shared following medical problems.  This relationship usually ends on a positive note, with recovery and discharge of the patient.  The patients have long-lasting memories of their nurses who helped them during traumatic periods.

Nursing is one of the noblest professions, and I am very excited that I am going to be a part of it.  Besides specialized training, knowledge and skill required for nursing, I feel that the most important thing is to develop compassion, kindness, patience, conscience and understanding while providing professional care.  These issues according to me remain the most important characteristics of nursing, and all other things come second.

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Nursing as a career
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My goals in life include helping humanity to the best of my knowledge, skill and competence, particularly in my field of specialization that is nursing.  Once I am able to complete my undergraduate course, I would like pursue masters, and even do research work, along with nursing practice in a community hospital.  A degree in nursing would be a stepping stone at fulfilling my goals in life.  Through masters and higher education, I would be in a better position to provide care and assistance to my patients.


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