Nursing careplan

Care plan: Spiritual Distress

Nursing Diagnosis:  Spiritual Distress (potential for) relating to separation from religious and spiritual ties.

Goal #1

Client will feel the need for a minister or priest.

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Nursing careplan
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Nursing Rx

1a.Arrange for ministers or priests to visit the client.

1b. Encourage the client to express his/her feelings to the clergy in privacy.

1c.Request the clergy to give a spiritually encouraging talk to the client.

1d. Provide the client with religious books or objects that would make them feel more oriented towards religion or spirituality

Goal #2

In a multi-cultural or multi-religion society, a client may feel that his/her religion is dying. In other words, the client may feel that a lot of people are embracing other religions.

Nursing Rx

2a. Listen patiently to the client.

2b.Encourage the client to express his feelings.

2c.Help the client to make a list of the important aspects and the favorite practices of his/her religion.

2d.Assist the client in making a plan to make people embrace his/her religion so that they feel better.

Goal #3

Client may feel the inability to perform the daily rites.

Nursing Rx

3a. Provide the client with religious books and objects that will be comforting.

3b. Offer to read the religious books.

3c. Encourage the client to talk about his/her religion and the practices followed.

Goal #4

Client may feel that he/she is worthlessness (due to hospitalization) and this may lead to spiritual disorientation.

Nursing Rx

4a. Encourage the client to do small tasks that are possible.

4b. Prepare a plan with short-term goals.

4c. Comfort the client by reiterating the sense of worth and the accomplishments they have made during their life-time.

4d. Discuss with the clients the feelings of his hopelessness.

4e. Provide client with physical outlets to vent out their tensions.

4f. Encourage the client to have a positive outlook towards life.

Goal #5

Clients may feel lonely and this may lead to spiritual disorientation.

Nursing Rx

5a. Request family members and friends to visit the client regularly.

5b. Hold client’s hand if he/she is comfortable with touch.

5c.Interact verbally with the client a lot.

5d. Encourage client to talk to other clients if it is possible.

Goal #6

Some clients may have been directly affected by Vietnamese war and this could lead to spiritual distress.

Nursing Rx

6a. Assure the client that it is peace time and talk about the positive aspects of life.

6b. Help the client to overcome the feelings of being affected in the war.

6c. Encourage the clients to talk about their accomplishments and their goals in life.

Goal #7

Client may point out the disturbances in the religion or the rituals or practices that he/she is opposed to in the religion.

Nursing Rx

7a. Assist the client to make a list of important and unimportant aspects of his/her religion.

7b. Acknowledge the opposition of client to certain religious practices and rituals.

7c.Encourage the client to focus on the positive aspects of his/her religion.

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