Any sports played or even trainings and exercises may be beneficial to anyone unless done with in good condition. It may lead to development and improvement may it be physically or mentally. On the other hand it may also lead to body exhaustion in particular for those who do it on a regular basis, the athletes. This is why suitable nutritional care must be made to ensure that an athlete is competitive all throughout his career.  He must know how to develop good physical condition through proper diet.

For every competition, trainings and exercises, an athlete must not fail to remember not to eat before and after the activities. Eating after the game or the post game nutrition is extremely essential. We must choose the right kinds of diet to fasten body recovery. After the activity, it is recommended that we eat rich in carbohydrates foods and beverages which can reload glycogen stores. For the lost fluids, replace it by drinking 2 cups of fluids especially cold water, it is more rapidly absorb by the body than warm waters. Beverages and sport drinks may also be taken in exchange for the fluids lost.

Caffeine and alcohol containing fluids must be avoided.  The body fluids lost must be replaced within the period of 2 hours after any athlete’s activity. Replacement of the fluids lost benefits the body by eliminating the general discomfort not only the thirst and to regulate the body. Potassium and sodium were also lost during the activity, to replace it eat more fruits and vegetables for the replacement of potassium and salty foods for the sodium lost. (

Proper pre-game and post game meals must be observed to ensure anyone’s not only for normal athlete’s health and body development. Pre-game nutrition is needed for the body to prepare the body for a strenuous activity. It provides additional body strength.  Post-game nutrition is more important, significantly helps out for exhausted person to recover and restore all nutrients and fluids lost in the body. It helps to normalize the body as well as the organs. It will be a good method to reestablish the body’s strength and shape and performance in order to perform any regular body activities.

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