Nutrition Information

1. Nutrition.Gov is a US Federal Government Organization that presents the latest and excellent nutritional data.  The information provided on the website can be utilized by both professional and the general public to gain reliable, valid, current and precise knowledge regarding the latest findings in food and nutrition, physical fitness, diet, healthy eating and food safety.  The data provided on the website is evidence-based and hence is highly recommended for use by the general public who want to develop healthy food habits, reduce the chances of developing nutrition-related illnesses and reduce obesity and malnutrition.

The nutritional data provided is specific to various age-groups such infants, children, adolescents, adults, women and elders.  The topics are classified according to the audience-level (such as professionals, parents, teachers, children, researchers, etc), subtopics or the age group.  All information provided on the is thoroughly referenced and can be validated.  The authors name or the authority of source along with the credentials is provided on the website.

Data about physical fitness and food supplements are also provided.  The website also presents useful, updated and trustworthy links which could help the user to get more information if they are interested.  The website also provides contact information about the owner of the website (such as name, contact address, telephone and fax numbers, and email address) which permits the user to get their doubts clarified.  The website also posts the latest new in the field of food and nutrition in an attractive manner.

2. The British Nutrition Foundation is a British-based charity organization that provides the latest scientific data for educational purposes for the public (in the UK and Europe).  The website does not promote the products or the services of a particular organization and hence is recommended for use by the general public.  The website presents the latest news, research findings, healthy nutrition and diet, recipes, health and physical fitness.  The website distributes evidence-based information for use by the public and the professionals, and hence is recommended for use.

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This evidence-based data is obtained by the British Nutritional Foundation through research conducted with universities, academic organizations, research institutes, NGO’s, and Governmental organizations.  The information presented on the British National Foundation website is current, valid, precise and verifiable, and details of the authority of source are also presented.  The website also provides a search box to permit the user to search for accurate information, quickly.

3. The American Dietetics Association (ADA) is the Largest Nutrition Organization in the US that has more than 65, 000 members who are nutritional professionals.  These members are making an effort to interpret the latest data and finding of professional findings of nutrition into results that can be applied by the public and utilized for developing a healthier living.  Nutritional experts belonging to several Universities and organizations based in the US are members of the ADA.

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The website is recommended because it provides the latest findings which can be utilized because the information available on the Website is accurate, valid, current and precise.  THE ADA conducts a lot of professional research and publishes these findings which the public could access in its website.  Some of the aims of the organization include bringing about healthy body weight of children and reducing the incidences of obesity and malnutrition through research and education.  The website is user-friendly as a search engine is present on the homepage which can be used to search for precise data.

The search engine enables to the user to obtain accurate data rapidly.  Professional data is also available for members and professionals.  The ADA gives a lot of concern to child health and nutrition, food safety, food technology, geriatric health and nutrition, obesity and reforms in the field of health and nutrition.  The organization had invested about US$ 270, 000 for conducting professional research and education for the benefit of the public.


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