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Patriot Movie Review

The Patriot In theaters on June 30, 2000. Directed by: Roland Emmerich Written by: Robert Rodat Main Characters in the movie: Mel Gibson as Benjamin Martin, Heath Ledgar as Gabriel Martin, Tom Wilkinson as Lord General Cornwallis, & Jason Issac as Colonel William Tavington The film is rated R for strong war violence. Summary: It is 1776 when the Revolutionary War began between the American Colonists and the British soldiers. The main character, Benjamin Martin, is a veteran of the French and Indian war who wants independence from Britain, but is not willing to risk the safety of his already motherless children by going to war.

It was the British who had killed his wife and he did not want to put his family in danger as he did so once before. However though he forms a militia and goes around looking for people in the colonies who are willing to fight against the “red coats” which are the British because he knew it had to be done. He did not approve of his oldest son Gabriel joining the Continental Army but Gabriel wanted to so bad that he went behind his fathers back to sign up anyway. This caused problems for him because they found him and threatened him on his own land.

Benjamin Martin helped wounded soldiers both from the American side & British side and because of that he was viewed as a traitor to many people. The killing of his son when the British came to his home caused him to react and want to go to war with them. The Americans and British went to war and there was a lot of loss of American soldiers and the French came to help them because they disliked the British as well and tried to stop the British from trying to take over other places. After years in the war the Americans finally won and were able to pass the Declaration of Independence.

Benjamin Martin had finally gotten even and killed Tavington because he killed both of his sons. Even though a lot of people died they were free at last from British control and that’s when good things started to happen for the Americans. Benjamin Martin ends up falling in love with his dead wifes sister & protects his family. He is truly considered a hero because if it weren’t for him then the Americans would have never taken it upon themselves to fight against the British. The colonies became united and it was just the beginning of a good period of time.

The Patriot is a wonderful movie that not only has action and romance, but it has an important meaning. It gives us an outlook on the events that took place long ago that eventually led to our independence and the states uniting. Without it we probably wouldn’t have been the United States like we are now and it might have been longer before we would have been free from the British. I would definitely recommend everyone to watch this movie because you will definitely enjoy it regardless of your age or interests. Historical Accuracy: In the movie, the Continental Congress extends an order to slaves stating that if they serve 12 months in the Colonial Army, they would be granted their freedom and be paid 5 schillings per month served. The Congress never extended such an order in real life. – Benjamin Martin sends his children and his family friend to a slave colony after their plantation is burned down. Martin’s family is welcomed into the colony and there is much celebration at their coming. Although a few slave colonies existed, they were very secluded and most likely would not have taken kindly to a group of white plantation owners looking for shelter.