Perfection: already in humans?

Dear Brother Allen,

Hope this letter finds you in good stead and full of happiness. Here I’m also feeling happy, as today I have the scope to write to you. Everything is going fine here at our Institute, which is in fact going from strength to strength with the steady enrolment of new volunteers.

News apart, I’m feeling excited to share certain reflections of my present day thought which you wanted to know. Presently I’m preparing a discourse aimed to bolster the spirit of the modern youth and I would like to share some excerpts from it.

The recent train of thought in me has provided a new light on the topic of perfection. It has been for quite some time, I was receiving various hints from the nature and the living beings about the genesis of perfection. Later, one day when I was trying to join those loose threads of thought, I suddenly stumbled upon a revelation – which, in fact has brought in a new bend in my vision! No, it hasn’t brought me on any crossroad – on the contrary, it has elevated me to a plane, from where I’m seeing more things with more clarity.

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Perfection: already in humans?
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The idea, of which I’m excited about, can be expressed in a single phrase and I’m doing that for you now: “Education is the manifestation of perfection, which is already in humans”!

This is the goldmine of ideas that I’ve struck just a few days back. It perfectly conforms with the philosophy of Vedanta – even more, it consolidates the very base of it – that is, Monism.

Let me try to explain in detail. You must be knowing that Vedanta philosophy is essentially based on the idea that it is one unique that has been working all around.. This premise brings down this fact that the Almighty is not something or someone existing in somewhere, but it is He who is in us, exists equally everywhere. All around us and beyond is attuned with His existence. Now when I was contemplating with the idea of perfection, it suddenly came to my mind that if He is in us, and if He is the epitome of perfection, then perfection is supposed to be inherent in us as well! This idea made me so excited and I took to the narrow road down through our garden and settled myself beneath our big banyan tree to meditate in the joy of revelation.

Brother James, the halo of this idea is still exerting its influence in me; as now I am gradually coming to the terms of its fuller possibilities; which, in essence is a limitless magic of the Divine Almighty.

Imagine what would happen, if each individual perceives this truth that they are already endowed with the power to be perfect in their acts and deeds, and all they have to do is to tap that infinite reservoir of power! Then this would bring in a collective spiritual revolution across the globe; where all men and women would be busy in discovering the inner power of their own and all will be on the equal plane with a soothing sense of equality! Being convinced of equality, all would only be eager to extend their helping hands to others.

This act of recognizing the inner reservoir of perfection has to have innumerable other implications as well, let alone the possibility of a collective and organized journey towards salvation. It would shorten the cycle of rebirth if there is any; because it would connect to the soul, the spirit, or the atman in Vedic parlance; which would in itself be an act of rising over the body and mind!

The application of this new found philosophy, as I’m feeling from within, would actually set everyone in motion; much like the gases in the stars which emit the light till it attains the nirvana or moksha or salvation,  you name it! This would only spell a relentless development but without any competition; it would be a confident march where everyone will arise, awake and will stop not till the goal is reached.

I can feel the excitement in me already, which speaks of the power of this idea. It was only days back I wrote in the pages of my intended discourse for the youth of the world: “What I want is the muscles of iron and nerves of steel, of which the thunderbolt is made..”  and now I have to add lines to it, mentioning clearly that “you have it all in you, the iron, the steel, the thunderbolt. All you need is to believe in this fact and act on this. The rest will take care of it.”

Brother Allen, I sincerely pray that this idea evokes a new spirit in you too, that you become aware of your potential and utilize it to the fullest and bask in the glory of salvation after blooming like a star or a flower in this universe.

Best Wishes,

Swami Vivekananda,

Ramkrishna Mission,

Kolkata, India.


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