Persuasive Letter

09/16/2012 Ms. June Watkins Principal Lone High School 12345 Out There Road Somewhere, KY 54321 Dear Ms. Watkins: It has come to my attention that the students of this school, in particular the incoming freshman, will be required to use IPads during this school year. The idea of using such technology is an advantage in some cases, like the continual ability to stay informed through the internet and the light weight of the device. However, there are other situations where IPads, being the only source for information, resources, and school supplies, are inappropriate for our students.

Thus, I ask for your consideration in not implementing such devices in this school. First, we must consider the finances of most of the students and parents in this district. The option for payment of the device is given at the end of their high school careers with the school making the initial payment; however, the device could be outdated or broken by that time. What happens if one of the devices breaks during the school year or at any time during high school? Do the parents pay for the broken IPad as well a new one? Second, the students will be using the IPads at all points in time during school and at home.

How will the issues of social networking, instant chat, and random browsing of the internet during class time be addressed? Students would need extreme restriction because of the inappropriate use of the internet; will there be a limitation set on the devices, and is it even possible to restrict the device? Lastly, I want to address the issue of word study and research by use of an IPad. Although there are many sources in which a student can gain more literacy, there are many more that encourage the use of poor grammar and spelling.

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